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Photoset: A walk down Lawrence Avenue, May 2005 | May 23, 2005
I had errands to run on Lawrence Avenue today, starting at Broadway and moving my way west. These are random photos I took with my cellphone camera along the way.

Photo: lawrencespringtime01 | May 23, 2005
The southwest corner of the Uptown theatre.

Photo: lawrencespringtime02 | May 23, 2005
Some of the surprisingly huge and beautiful homes you find along Lawrence Avenue.

Photo: lawrencespringtime03 | May 23, 2005
Spotted near Lawrence and Western.

Photo: lawrencespringtime04 | May 23, 2005
Spotted near Lawrence and Western.

Photo: lawrencespringtime05 | May 23, 2005
Ladies and gentlemen, the ugliest Sears in America. At Lawrence and Western, my errand destination.

Photo: lawrencespringtime06 | May 23, 2005
Weird customer direction graphic on the floor of ugly retro Sears, Lawrence and Western.

Photo: lawrencespringtime07 | May 23, 2005
The famed Green Mill - not only Al Capone's speakeasy during Prohibition, but also the international birthplace of the poetry slam. Lawrence and Broadway.

Photo: lawrencespringtime08 | May 23, 2005
The historic Uptown Bank, Lawrence and Broadway. The rumor is that Al Capone had a tunnel dug under the street here, from the bank to his speakeasy across the street, The Green Mill, and that the tunnel still exists.

Photo: lawrencespringtime09 | May 23, 2005
The southwest corner of the Uptown theatre.

[randommedia]: Conversation with Katherine Hodges, Quimby's Bookstore, Chicago | May 5, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a conversation with my friend Katherine Hodges, a well-known figure in the world of indie literature. Recorded in front of Quimby's Bookstore, Wicker Park, Chicago, during a literary event called "The Secret Lives of Librarians," sponsored by the American Library Association during their annual convention weekend.