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But what about the artists, Jason? WHAT ABOUT THE ARTISTS? | June 30, 2005
Today, yet more details from the business plan of this new arts center I'm trying to open in Chicago right now; specifically, how I'm planning on keeping a bunch of drunken petulant 27-year-old poets happy with what we do. It's easier than you think!

Only one day until my first Chicago bike adventure! | June 30, 2005
Only one day until my first big Chicago bike adventure! Today, more on the online resources available for Chicago bicyclers, and details of the admittedly radical plan the Chicago city government has concerning bikes.

More on the business issues The Obvious People just don't get. | June 29, 2005
Today, more details of the business plan for this arts center I'm trying to open here in Chicago right now; specifically, how I'm planning on delivering an authentic underground artistic experience to our paying customers, most of whom will not be artists themselves.

Bicycling in Chicago: A few beginning resources. | June 29, 2005
Today, an announcement of what my first Chicago bike adventure is going to be, as well as lots of links to online resources for fellow beginning cyclists in Chicago.

I do what I can, and that's all I can do. | June 28, 2005
Today, some updates on how the plan is going for this arts center in Chicago I'm trying to open these days. In a nutshell - some frustrations, some successes, but in general with a slow forward momentum. Plus, a few thoughts on why my business plan is going to succeed, no matter what The Obvious People might think.

Site development notes for June 28. | June 28, 2005
Today, the latest development notes concerning this new website design scheme of mine. Only one more week until the new design becomes official!

Heat wave! | June 27, 2005
Oh, good LORD is it hot here in Chicago this week. Today, a few thoughts on being out in the weather, getting to update my journal while out for the first time, and other random thoughts.

Postmodernism can really wear you down. | June 27, 2005
Just a few thoughts concerning the recent "breakup" between McSweeney's Publishing and Neal Pollack, one of its first popular authors, and why the sad story just confirms something I've been saying for years; that postmodernism really is dead.

God, no wonder I've been such a prick lately. | June 24, 2005
Man, I've been in a shitty mood this week, and I think it's probably been showing a little - see my bitter, self-righteous rant against Wired magazine and my sad ode to a girlfriend who doesn't actually exist for the...

Random notes for June 24. | June 24, 2005
Random notes from my life these days, including: my parents are visiting this weekend; my brother gets me addicted to yet another reality show; and Paul Harvey finally loses his mind.

Yet more updates from my life. | June 23, 2005
More general updates about my life these days, including: one of my readers bumps up my Flickr account; one of my German friends has decided to come visit; and my future girlfriend is out there...I just don't know where.

Nextfest: A final thought. | June 23, 2005
A final thought concerning the crap I went through this week as a volunteer for Wired magazine's Nextfest. Caution: bitterness and self-righteous behavior ahead!

Live from Nextfest: I've been fired! | June 22, 2005
What a surprise - somebody from Nextfest actually read my journal yesterday, and I've been asked not to show up again. Today's entry is a short one; you've pretty much learned everything already just by reading this excerpt.

Live from Nextfest: Day 1 | June 21, 2005
I had what could charitably be described as a surreal first day as a volunteer at Wired magazine's Nextfest; read all the pathetically comic details today.

I'm going to Nextfest tomorrow, and I'm trying an experiment. | June 20, 2005
Simply put, I'll be posting small entries in real time throughout the event, straight from my cellphone, instead of once every 24 photos and audio in real time as well. Today, an explanation of how you can do the same at your own blog, and how you can follow along at mine via RSS reader, email or instant message.

Site development notes for June 20. | June 20, 2005
The latest updates concerning the new version of my website, currently under public beta development. Only two weeks until the new design becomes official - read all about it today.

There's been other things going on in my life too, you know. | June 17, 2005
I know, right now it sometimes seems there's nothing else going on in my life except for MovableType programming. And that's mostly true, although I still have a few more fun stories to report as well. Today, a few of them explained.

Site development updates for June 17. | June 17, 2005
The latest updates to report for the development of this new website.

How do I create great sidebars for my blog? | June 17, 2005
A few tips on how not only to better graphically-design the sidebar area of your blog page, but also how to better decide what should be included there in the first place.

Damn, I've been updating at the new website already. | June 14, 2005
I promised myself I wouldn't do that - that any new content I wrote this summer would be posted both there and at my Geocities page you're looking at right now. But see, I keep having to test my U*Blog...

Concerning the extraordinary and hidden power of blog databases. | June 14, 2005
Now that I've started using MovableType, I've learned a surprising thing - that I'm going to be able to use it to store all my old literary content, not just my blog entries. Today, a few thoughts on why this should matter to you at your own blog as well, and how to implement such a project.

Site development updates for June 14. | June 14, 2005
The latest changes in the new site design, as of June 14th.

Public beta 0.1: Updates for June 11th. | June 11, 2005
The latest updates for public beta build 0.1 of my new journal site. There's a lot of them!

June 11 updates, continued. | June 11, 2005
Part 2 of my June 11th update, explaining the latest changes to public beta build 0.1 of my new journal site.

Public beta 0.1 - there are many updates to report. | June 10, 2005
The latest updates concerning the public beta build of my new personal journal page, being powered now by MovableType.

June 10 updates, continued. | June 10, 2005
Second half of my June 10th entry.

The Grand Switchover of 2005 just took a big step forward. | June 8, 2005
So first of all, let me apologize for being incommunicado for something like a month and a half, and thank everyone for their worried little emails last month. I'm not dead, I'm glad to report, and things are in fact...

Announcing public beta build 0.1. | June 7, 2005
Public beta version 0.1 of my personal journal, powered by MovableType, is now up. Today, thoughts on what went into designing this version, and what's still to come.