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Getting Things Done - a progress report. | July 29, 2005
Well, it's been about two weeks since adding the "Getting Things Done" time-management system to my life, and things are going FANTASTICALLY. Today, I tell you all about it.

Regarding the tribulations of getting pitched. | July 28, 2005
A funny thing has started happening since starting my business blog seven months ago; namely, a growing amount of companies are directly pitching me about plugging their product. Today, some thoughts on what the process is like, and why I'm a PR exec's worst nightmare when it comes to this subject.

Okay, which one of you assholes told Jessa Crispin about me? | July 27, 2005
Hey, I met Jessa Crispin last night! Too bad she already knew of my semi-lecherous crush feelings for her, before I met her; thank God she reacted as well as she did to it. Today, the entire funny, sordid details.

I met a whole bunch of bloggers last night. | July 26, 2005
It was at this great event sponsored by, in fact, where they asked five popular bloggers who have had books come out in the last year to talk about the process. Today, my detailed report on how the event was.

Random notes for July 26. | July 26, 2005
Random notes for July 26th, including: I'm meeting Jessa Crispin for the first time tomorrow, and am a little nervous; my friend Dirk Huelstrunk has some new photos online, and I'm happy; and there's a new Microsoft joke floating around, which tickles me.

Bicycling in Chicago - a progress report. | July 25, 2005
Well, it's been about a month now since I became Chicago's newest daily bicyclist. Today, some thoughts on what I've learned, and why I love being a Chicago citizen so damn much.

In praise of stupid dogs. | July 22, 2005
An airing of an old "Simpsons" episode inspires today's entry - a few thoughts in praise of stupid dogs, and in particular the stupid dog who used to be in my life.

I hung out with the Mud Queens last night. | July 22, 2005
Wow, a first - for the first time in seven years, a journal entry completely written and posted while drunk and high! Damn this new automation software of mine! Anyway, the reason I'm in such a state is because of all my little punk-rock mud-wrestling friends here in Chicago; today's entry is all about the madness.

This site: CSS spec downloads | July 20, 2005
A collection of downloads to the four CSS templates I have created for this site: desktop, mobile, print and AvantGo. Download ahoy!

God help me, I'm Getting Things Done. | July 19, 2005
Oh Lord, it's true - I've become one of those GTD nutjobs. Today, an overview of the time-management system with the freakishly cultlike following, for those who have never heard of it.

Regarding CRM, SEO, and other MBA BS. | July 18, 2005
Every day that I learn a little more about business, it seems, is another day I learn yet something else useless about business. Today, two good examples of what I'm talking about, as well as one that might not actually be useless after all. Plus: A few thoughts on being a gifted child, and what it means for my future arts center.

Fuck you! I'm a rebel! | July 15, 2005
Today, yet more stories about GALLERIA, the student art gallery and I started and ran in college; specifically, about how we dealt with artist "rebels," both those with legitimate complaints and those deliberately trying to start a fight in order to get more publicity.

More tales of GALLERIA. | July 14, 2005
Today, more stories about GALLERIA, the student art gallery I started and ran in college; specifically, how I managed to get a bunch of rave-attending, acid-dropping, anti-authoritarian art-school students to actually be pretty good office workers. It's not as hard as you might think!

I've got an idea for a new group literary project. | July 14, 2005
Today, an idea for a new group literary project I'm thinking about putting together - where I create a dystopian city of the future, and all of you write stories set in that city, all connected to a powerful categorization system so you can keep track of who's writing about what character. Interested in getting involved?

Oh, did I not mention GALLERIA? | July 13, 2005
Yesterday I casually mentioned GALLERIA, a student art gallery I started and ran in college, and was promptly reminded by readers that most people have no idea what I'm talking about. So today, a gentle introduction to that rarest of things in the world - the undergraduate art gallery that actually became an accidental mainstream success.

The Transition Year - a progress report. | July 12, 2005
Now that version 11.0 of my website is finally complete, I thought today I'd take a moment and simply reflect on the last year and a half of my life - the good, the bad, and the ugly. As you'll see, there's been a lot of changes in that time...and even more to come soon. Plus: A few thoughts on why "Rock Star: INXS" is the most addictive reality television show of all time.

Welcome to version 11.0. | July 11, 2005
It's here! It's here! Finally, the official release of version 11.0 of my website, and the official shutdown of my Geocities site; read all about it today.

Random notes for July 11. | July 11, 2005
Random notes for July 11, including: An old joke reprinted, courtesy my old college buddy Kurt Kaiser; no, seriously, my newest travel book is almost finished (and I need your help promoting it); I found out why my recent entry about biking garnered such attention; and damnit, yes, I'm watching "Desperate Housewives" this summer! Are you fucking happy, people?

Greetings from the Grand Switchover. | July 9, 2005
Hey, it's a special weekend entry! Today, a live report from the middle of the Grand Switchover of 2005, where I am finally switching the URL and software for my blog; includes a recap for new readers, and lots of details about how the process is going.

More on what exactly terrorism is. | July 8, 2005
Today, a few thoughts on what exactly I think terrorism is, inspired by the recent London train bombings. As you'll see, I consider it a vastly more complicated thing than either Bush or Blair care to admit; and as long as most of us are thinking of it in this simple way that they do, nothing's ever going to get better.

Good Lord, in two parts. | July 7, 2005
Good Lord, part 1 - 83 new photos at my Flickr account! Today, a small entry about what's there, where it can be found, and how you'll soon be able to find my photos at a second location as well, starting next month.

Good Lord, part 2. | July 7, 2005
Good Lord, part 2 - look at all the emails I got this week regarding my bike adventure to the Loop! Today, an overview of what was said, where I agree and where I disagree, and yet more on why one should become a "bike snob."

What the Irish can teach us about George W. Bush. | July 6, 2005
It's becoming more and more frustrating to be a free-thinking, liberal American every day, it seems, and my bitterness about it all came to a boil on "Independence" Day a couple of days ago. Today, a few thoughts on how Frank McCourt's book "Angela's Ashes" can teach us all to calm down a little.

Random notes for July 6. | July 6, 2005
Random notes for today, including: A date's finally been picked for the Grand Switchover of 2005; and some goofy lyrics I wrote for the new sex-and-gorefest ABC miniseries "Empire."

[randommedia]: Conversation with my friends Tom and Lisa, on Tom's moving day | July 2, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a conversation with my friends Tom Henkey and Lisa Hemminger (former co-hosts of the weekly "Yammer" poetry event at the Southport bar Joyblue), after just spending the previous eleven hours moving all of Tom's stuff to his new apartment.

Bike adventure: Uptown to the Loop. | July 1, 2005
Today, a text-and-photo report of my very first Chicago bicycling adventure - attempting to ride from my apartment in Uptown to the downtown business district (the "Loop") during rush hour, just to see how easy or difficult it is to do.