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[randommedia]: Conversation with my friend Anna during a Halloween party, Uptown, Chicago | October 30, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a conversation with my friend Anna during a Halloween party, Uptown neighborhood, Chicago, concerning the scene we are currently watching of The Shining, Kubrick version.

Doo-ooh wee-OOH, wee-OOH, wee-OOH! | October 21, 2005
There's a commercial on American television right now, that features a song by the early-'80s group The Cars. Today, why that song reminds me so much of Albquerque, New Mexico, and a woman I met there years and years ago.

Random notes. | October 14, 2005
Just some small thoughts today on a variety of subjects, including: No, seriously, my new travel book is going to be ready any day now; "Lost" continues to fuck with my head; why "Threshold" is good, but also kinda bad; more about the difference between Mac OS9 and OSX; and a little update on everyone's favorite burlesque dancer, the indomitable Michelle "Toots" L'Amour.

What a surprise - more thoughts about OSX! | October 10, 2005
Jesus, I bet you Windows people are about ready to fucking kill me by now, aren't you? Oh, but I just can't help it; ever since last week, when I first set up Poppy (the name I've given my new...

Oops, hi there! | October 6, 2005
Okay, I admit it - I got so caught up playing with my new friend Poppy yesterday (aka my new Mac G4 desktop) that I forgot to write a journal entry! Give a guy a break, will ya? The fact...

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Poppy. | October 5, 2005
So, it's finally happened - after a mere, what, six years since they were first invented, I finally own a new-style Macintosh computer, one with USB and Firewire ports instead of SCSI ones, one that can finally run Operating...

Hey, how 'bout that, I'm back in Chicago. | October 3, 2005
Greetings, fellow stargazers! Well, it seems almost like a surreal dream now, but after nearly a month of my own life being on hold (first because of a visit from my German friend Alamar, then because of a trip myself...