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Sean Stewart is way cool. | November 30, 2005
I recently found out who was behind the "Evan Chan" online mystery game that I was so obsessed with in 2001 - it was a brilliant mid-career science-fiction writer named Sean Stewart, in fact. So I wrote to Stewart just to say hi - and lo and behold, we've been corresponding all week. Today, some thoughts on that correspondence, and how fucking much I wish I could work on an "Evan Chan" type game too.

I had a fun weekend. | November 29, 2005
My last report from my recent Thanksgiving trip to Missouri, recounting my surprisingly chaotic and fun last weekend while in town. Thanks, Mike, for letting me finally know where the 50 indie-rockers in St. Charles hang out on Saturday nights!

Random notes - the St. Charles edition. | November 25, 2005
Just some short random notes today from my week so far in St. Charles, including: I went shopping with my parents on 'Black Friday,' and was ready to kill some people by the end of it all; a couple of journal updates regarding Sean Stewart, the "Evan Chan" online viral game, and Objectivist dating websites; some thoughts on 'loaner' hearing aids; and it's official - I've become a hipster doofus.

More about addiction and my own life. | November 23, 2005
Part 2 of a series of entries I'm writing this week, examining my own history with addiction and co-dependency. Today, the tricky subject of sexual addiction, and what I've learned about myself as a result.

Addiction - the story can finally be told. | November 22, 2005
My recent entries on Bob Crane and sexual addiction inspired a challenge from one of my readers - to basically come clean about my own history of addictive behavior. Today, the first part of that examination.

Let the holiday season commence! | November 21, 2005
Happy holidays! Today starts a week of entries from the sleepy suburb of St. Charles, Missouri, where I am celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. Today, some thoughts on being back here in the middle of the Bush Years, and why the fascist-type things I see here anymore alarm me just so much.

More about Bob Crane and co-dependent relationships. | November 18, 2005
A continuation of yesterday's entry, examining the sex life of actor Bob Crane, and what lessons about co-dependent relationships we can all learn from it.

Some thoughts about 826 Chicago; some thoughts about Bob Crane. | November 17, 2005
Today, a tackling of two very different subjects. First, some thoughts about the recent opening of 826 Chicago, a writing school started by the founder of McSweeney's, and why I'm so hesitant about volunteering there; and then, some thoughts about recently rewatching the movie "Auto Focus," and what that cautionary tale can tell us about sexual addiction and co-dependent relationships.

More about information. | November 16, 2005
A continuation of yesterday's entry, examining the concept of information - of how we collect it, how we analyze it, why both of these pursuits are of equal importance, and what these topics mean for the Information Age we are currently living in.

Concerning information. | November 15, 2005
Most people agree by now that we're living in what's called the Information Age; but what exactly does that mean? Today, an examination of how exactly we deal with information in our modern society - the ways we collect it, the ways we analyze it, and why both pursuits are of equal importance when it comes to human understanding of data.

Ahh...Ellen. | November 14, 2005
I recently heard from a woman I used to have a pretty major crush on, half a decade ago; it turns out that she's living in Chicago herself now, which has prompted us to start spending some time together. Today, some thoughts on how my views of her have changed in those five years, as my life has changed quite radically as well.

More thoughts about utopian societies. | November 12, 2005
A continuation of yesterday's entry, examining the concept of utopian societies.

I've been thinking about utopian societies. | November 10, 2005
What does King Arthur have to do with BF Skinner? What happened to all those freaky utopian hippie communities that were established in the 1960s? And when will the world finally be rid of Objectivists? All is revealed in today's entry, a critical examination of utopian societies.

More thoughts about Middle-earth. | November 4, 2005
A continuation of yesterday's entry, examining the infinitely complex mythology JRR Tolkien created over the course of his life. Just what is 'mythology,' anyway? Is Middle-earth any less real than, say, Camelot? Or Scottish tartans? 500 years from now, will people be mistaking Lord of the Rings for real history?

My pathetic descent into Middle-earth. | November 3, 2005
So, I finally got to watch the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy in a row, for the first time since the movies originally came out. Today, some thoughts on why the movies are just so great, why the new Star Wars movies suck so damn much, and why certain universities let people get degrees in Middle-earth studies but not Star Trek studies.