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Scratch, mash, rip, burn. | December 30, 2005
Oh, hi there, everyone, and sorry I didn't get a chance to get an update posted yesterday; the transit back to Chicago left me a little exhausted, to tell you the truth, so I just took it easy instead. I'm...

More random notes from St. Charles. | December 28, 2005
More random notes about how my holiday in St. Charles, Missouri is going, including: I attended two, count 'em, two family get-togethers this week; then hung out with my brother's smartass St. Louis friends (and recorded a smartass podcast episode); I discovered something cool at the CNET desktop version; my dad's students think he's 'hot;' I finally click on a Google contextual ad; and I can't stop singing along to the Smiths.

Random notes - the St. Charles, media-rich edition. | December 27, 2005
Just some short notes about how my holiday has been going this week, down here in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. This update in particular includes lots of photos and links to audio files, since I have access to my dad's laptop and WiFi connection, making it just so easy to load such media in the first place.

[randommedia]: Conversation with my brother, St. Louis, Christmas 2005 | December 27, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a conversation with my brother in St. Louis during the 2005 Christmas holidays. Topics discussed include the recent NYC transit strike, my brother's job at a bleeding-edge tech company in Manhattan, and why he is no longer learning a word a day in Russian.

Viral marketing - when will the madness end? | December 23, 2005
A recent email from Microsoft's Heather Hamilton has had me contemplating a very disturbing question this week - is the Onion in fact accepting money from corporations to have their products be made fun of in their publication? Today, some thoughts on the scary and pathetic world of viral marketing.

Greetings from St. Charles...again. | December 22, 2005
Greetings from St. Charles, Missouri, where I am once again spending the week with my family for the holidays. Today, some awfully unfocused thoughts about what I'm hoping to get accomplished online this week while I'm here.

Random notes. | December 21, 2005
Some short notes about random topics today, including: Dude, the Christian Underground is so hardcore!; a possible new way of thinking about coffeehouses; some thoughts on the recent woes Six Apart has been going through; a call for John McCain to run for President again; I've been getting into Robert Scoble recently; and a few thoughts about changing careers in your thirties.

The Heterotopia Report for December 20th. | December 20, 2005
A semi-regular feature at this site, simply pointing people to other interesting things found elsewhere on the internet.

Regarding decentralized social networking. | December 19, 2005
A recent conversation about my "Jason Pettus Instant Locator™" has gotten me thinking again about the concept of social networking. Today, my musings on the subject, and how it would be possible to build a social network without needing a centralized organization maintaining it at all.

Random notes. | December 15, 2005
Some short notes on various random topics, including: Who wants to go to a Maxim party? No, seriously?; are you as confused as I am over the term 'Web 2.0?'; an astrology book freaks me out; Christmas really is for couples and families, not single people at all; more geeky thoughts on "Getting Things Done;" and why The New Pornographers are the great fucking band in the history of rock and roll.

Regarding addiction and my own life - the final entry. | December 14, 2005
The third and final part of a series I've been writing here recently, examining the issues of addiction and co-dependency as it relates to my own life. Today, the extremely complicated story of my last serious relationship, and why I ultimately consider it as a healthy experience for me to have had, despite a lot of others disagreeing with me.

The Heterotopia Report for December 13. | December 13, 2005
A semi-regular feature at this site, simply pointing people to other interesting things found elsewhere on the internet.

Even more about 'hyperlocal' websites. | December 12, 2005
Part 3 of a recent series here at the site, examining the concept of "hyperlocal" citizen-journalism projects, and how they may or may not be the saving grace for the rapidly-dying world of text-based journalism. Plus: a field report from my friend Patrick Welch's recent gallery opening at Gescheidle.

More about 'hyperlocal' news sites. | December 9, 2005
Yesterday I got to talking about the future of print-based journalism, and the things I thought needed to happen in that industry for them to survive, including the idea of 'hyperlocal' citizen-journalism websites. And then I started getting the emails - "What the hell is a 'hyperlocal' website?" Today, the answer.

Regarding the future of paper news. | December 8, 2005
I think we can all agree by now that the print-journalism industry is in a free-falling downward spiral - shrinking circulations, more and more closings, escalating prices and more. Today, my thoughts on why these things are happening, and what the print-journalism industry could do to save themselves from obsolescence.

I get colder and colder with each passing year. | December 7, 2005
Winter's here again, and I'm reminded again of how my tolerance for cold weather is dropping with each passing year. The irony? When I was younger I used to love cold weather, so much so that I had assumed it was a genetic trait. Today, some thoughts on what this "genetic" misunderstanding might mean for all those other pesky little things about myself that I always thought couldn't be changed.

The Heterotopia Report for December 6. | December 6, 2005
The first edition of a new semi-regular feature at this site, simply pointing people to other interesting things found elsewhere on the internet.

Introducing The Heterotopia Report. | December 5, 2005
I've got an idea for a new regular feature for this site - basically, to once a week do what most other blogs do all the time, and simply point people to other interesting stuff found elsewhere on the internet. Today, some thoughts on how this idea came about, and what I hope to accomplish with it.

Random notes. | December 2, 2005
I've got nothing interesting of length to discuss today, so thought as I often do that I'd string together the random notes I've been collecting on my Treo this week. Enjoy, and I'll speak with you again tomorrow. --New cellphone...

[randommedia]: Conversation with my friend Anna, karaoke night, Chicago | December 1, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a conversation with my friend Anna, while attending a karaoke night at Carol's Pub in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.