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Once that ball starts rolling... | February 28, 2006
Well, even more official announcements for CCLaP, this new arts center of mine opening this September; I have our first official show to announce, and someone's donated us a free website as well. Today, some thoughts on why things seem to be coming together so quickly these days, after two years of hardly anything happening at all; and why, by the way, I think those first two years were still necessary. Plus: five simple ways you too can help the Chicago Center for Literature an Photography, sometimes for free, sometimes by donating crap in your basement.

And the name of my new arts center is... | February 27, 2006
Why, it's the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, in fact (or CCLaP for short), which I can now announce because the website's URL is finally secured. Today, the full explanation of where this name came from, and why it was chosen. Plus: two new 'jasonpettus' tags in the blogosphere, and two new audio comments! Too bad they both recorded them in a way so that I can't share them!; Google, won't you please build the "Google Crossword Helper?;" and a little help is needed regarding whether I'm doing something wrong with iTunes.

Regarding reader feedback and "the conversation." | February 24, 2006
Okay, all this talk recently at my site about "the conversation" between companies and customers brings up a good point - how do readers of mine get thoughts, opinions and responses to me? I don't have commenting abilities here, after all. Today, a fully detailed guide to how you can do so, why I think this is much better than commenting, and how you can easily implement such a thing at your own site. Plus: Speaking of feedback, here's something to ponder - what kind of social application should I build at Ning?; and a few thoughts about Philip K. Dick and the letting-go of our childhood heroes.

[randommedia] Why not send me an audio comment? | February 23, 2006
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], five-minute random reports from events in my life. Here: me complaining about how I set up this ability for people to leave audio comments, yet no one actually doing so yet. Plus, a few suggestions on what you could comment about, in case you're stumped yourself.

PixPulse: Portrait of a company that gets it. | February 23, 2006
I've had this remarkable experience recently with a small start-up company; they've actually been listening to my complaints, and changing the things I've been asking them to change. Today, some thoughts on how amazing this is, why the world is moving in this direction in general, and what other businesses can do about it, before being left behind in the dust themselves. Plus: Behold, the Jason Pettus Widget!

The Jason Pettus Widget | February 23, 2006
A desktop widget for Mac OSX "Dashboard," delivering feeds from five of the places on the web where I currently create new content. Please let me know if you have any problems with it!

Random notes. | February 22, 2006
Just some random notes from my life today, including: More on that "RedEye" article I briefly mentioned last week; a new photo from my brother proves just what a dork he actually is; some thoughts about I-GO, a new car-sharing service in Chicago; a Missouri institution closes; when did I become a rebel cult-hero high-school English teacher?; why I'm such an obsessive fan of Flickr; and it's official - Franz Ferdinand rocks my fucking ass.

I have lots of little announcements for you today. | February 20, 2006
Lots of little new announcements for everyone today, including: I've started up a new blog, specifically for getting reprinted in such mainstream publications as the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle (with a fascinating story, too, of how it all came about); I've got new Flickr photos up, including an intriguing set of satellite images; the first 'jasonpettus' tags start showing up in my RSS feed, including one from an unlikely source; and some geeky news regarding code cleanup of my main journal.

Regarding the "magic middle." | February 17, 2006
Dave Sifri, owner of Technorati, has coined an amazing term at his blog this week: the "magic middle," those 150,000 bloggers around the world who have between 20 and a thousand links in Technorati's database. Today, some thoughts from me on how this supports the argument I've been making for years; that any single one of you can have the audience I do, and the influence I do, without too terribly much work at all. Plus: The deathclock officially begins for the paper journalism industry; and a science-fiction scenario which could possibly lead to Baghdad eventually becoming the new world center for intellectual thought. It's not as ludicrous as it might sound at first.

My day with Adobe; my evening with Yahoo. | February 16, 2006
Wow - I just got done attending a day-long workshop on Adobe's new Production Studio software, and I'm so impressed I'm about ready to wet myself. Here, a full report from the event, including an audio interview with one of the Adobe experts. Plus: my short, disappointing recounting of a Yahoo Personals event I attended here in Chicago on Valentine's Day.

[randommedia] Interview with Adobe's Greg Rewis | February 16, 2006
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], recorded through my cellphone using the service Here: a two-part interview with Adobe's Greg Rewis, after attending the company's Production Studio Tour stop in Chicago.

You control your technology. I cannot emphasize this enough. | February 14, 2006
Well, only four days since I got this new home broadband connection, and I'm already starting to experience that weird feeling so many of you have complained to me about before: of being simply overwhelmed by all the information now at my disposal. Today, some thoughts on how to reclaim our control over our tech devices, and how to get them to better work for us, not the other way around. Plus: Anyone want to go to a Yahoo Personals event with me tonight?

Look at all the crap I got accomplished this weekend! | February 13, 2006
Wow, look at what an efficient motherfucker this new home broadband connection has turned me into! Today, lots of details of all the new things this home desktop connection has so far brought to my life, including: a recap of my account, detailed last Friday; how to now send an audio comment to me, straight from your computer's browser; new ways I'm interacting with Flickr now; a new service that tracks your comments around the blogosphere; I finally have an OPML feed (maybe); and of course lots of tweaks to the site itself, for geeky designers who care.

Guess who finally has a home internet connection? | February 10, 2006
That's right, it's me! I could tell you what new things this is going to mean both for my life and your reading habits, but I'd just go on and on for days on end and never actually get anything done. So instead, today just an examination of the very first new online thing I've taken on - becoming a member of

[randommedia]: My first Odeo recording | February 10, 2006
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], literally a collection of random audio posts from various moments in my daily life. Here: My first-ever recording, in fact, using Odeo's Flash-based browser software, which you'll see is still a little buggy; there are lots of tiny little skips from my original monologue in the MP3. Still, though, pretty cool.

No, seriously, the last about my new arts center. | February 9, 2006
No, I mean it, today I will finally finish up the plans for the new "lite" version of my arts center; one that will generate substantially less money, that is, but also be ready to open as soon as this September. Today: How much money that's going to take.

Who is Nikki Patin, and why should you care? | February 8, 2006
Today, part 3 of this week's talk about the new "lite" version of my upcoming arts center; one that will generate significantly less money, that is, but will be open for business as early as this Septmeber. Specifically, more on Nikki Patin, my new Director of Live Events; and more on our Membership and Fellowship programs.

More about my arts center, the "lite" version. | February 7, 2006
Part 2 of the details of the new "lite" version of my upcoming arts center; that is, a version that will generate substantially less revenue, but that will be ready to open as soon as this September. Today, all about our upcoming website.

Introducing my arts center - the "lite" version. | February 6, 2006
I've been getting so much email about it since first casually mentioning it on Friday, that I thought I'd address it head-on today: Yes, it's most likely that a "lite" version of my arts center will be open for business as soon as this September. Today, the first details of why this is.

So much work. So little news. | February 3, 2006
The worst thing about long-term plans? Yeah, you never have anything fun to announce in the short term. Today, some thoughts on some of these projects I'm in the middle of, including: I'm finally getting a broadband internet connection at home; and I'm getting my newest travel book rapidly finished.

Random notes - the 'sick as a dog' edition. | February 1, 2006
Random notes I've recently collected up on my Treo, this time posted while incredibly sick, including: a big correction about the "Kama Sutra: The Musical" news from yesterday; a correction about how GPS works; how much I love the new "Lost" podcast; a reader is thinking about filming one of my books; and a question - how do I put an automatic mobile detector in place here at the site?