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Paying the bills with cartoon sex. | May 31, 2006
Today, part 2 of my recent examination here, of how I think I'll be able to pay all my bills by next January just from companies I own and operate myself. Make sure to read yesterday's entry first, for this one to make sense!

The plan is finally coming into place. | May 29, 2006
Well, okay, I had a rather pleasant realization this week - that in six months, I should reasonably be able to expect to pay all the bills in my life, just from the various little companies I own and other freelance work I do. Today, part 1 of a detailed examination into this plan, showing step by step what will be happening from now until January 2007, when the final step is put into place. Plus: a few thoughts on Wall of Voodoo, Aztec Camera, The Wolfgang Press, and beret-wearing stoned '80s undergraduates.

Dispatches from the real world. | May 25, 2006
Yes, okay, I admit it; things actually are going on in my life these days, besides just endlessly playing Second Life! Today, a little catch-up, including: an extremely erotic amateur-burlesque event I recently attended, and why I feel so guilty for finding it extremely erotic; and my new Treo 650, a birthday present that has finally arrived, and why that now means regular video reports here at the site finally, on top of everything else. Enjoy, all you flesh-loving losers!

Sex versus desire: the real life/Second Life conundrum. | May 22, 2006
Okay, so my real and virtual lives are starting to mix: more of my website readers are starting to join Second Life, and more of my Second Life friends are starting to read my website. Today, an examination of how the two are coming together, and of why I like both groups for what they are: my physical lovers for actual sex, my virtual ones for both expressing and receiving desire. What's the difference? Click through for my opinion. Plus: A little purplish prose, on why I love being a "life in the city" columnist in a virtual world so damn much.

The ebb and flow of the Second Life day. | May 19, 2006
So, greetings again from Second Life, where I am just finishing my first month of daily play. And hey, I haven't meant to give the wrong impression - it ain't just shopping and fucking I'm doing here 24 hours a day! Today, an examination of some of the other things there are to do in this alternate reality, including lots of things that might speak more to the geek in you than the lover.

The many loves of the omnisexual. | May 16, 2006
Today, more about how my sexual life is going these days, within the videogame Second Life; specifically, how I'm now playing as an "omnisexual" there, someone who exists as both a man and woman. It's led to some very interesting sexual situations there, in many cases especially because of my partners knowing my gender in RL; read all the filthy details today if you want.

On being a slut in the virtual world. | May 10, 2006
So, four weeks now into playing the videogame Second Life, and I'm finally starting to have sex; well, hooray for that. Today, the entire long, complicated, gender-bending, furry-loving, filthy filthy filthy thing. Caution advised!

Regarding the tricky subject of etiquette within Second Life. | May 2, 2006
Today, part 2 of my first major report about Second Life: namely, all about people, the avatars they create, the relationships these avatars have with each other, and how they complement or contrast with the real-life relationship those two players have. Read today for all the geeky details!

Greetings from Second Life; wish you were here. | May 1, 2006
Well, it's finally happened - after two months of fundraising and waiting, I've finally started playing the alternative-reality videogame Second Life on a regular basis. Today, the first of an unending series of ridiculously detailed, image-pregnant reports from there.