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And here's what else has been going on with me. | June 27, 2006
Okay, so it's mostly been the opening of my new website that's been keeping me busy this month, for the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography; but there have also been some random things going on with me here and there as well, none of them interesting enough for their own entry. Today, all the little thoughts scooped up and presented together.

It's open. My arts center is finally open. | June 24, 2006
Well, the day has finally arrived; after two years of plans and trash-talking, my new arts organization is ready to sink or swim on its own. Today, read all about it; and how even the best-laid plans still don't stop you from running to the bathroom with dry heaves at least once a day, when you're a new small-business owner.

Regarding the surprisingly up-and-down life of a moderate pragmatist. | June 8, 2006
(UPDATE: Now with some new thoughts, about the recent controversy between those who play Second Life and the staff of Well, yet more good news to pile onto the ever-growing list these days; looks like I'm just four or five days away from the website for my arts center finally being open. And this has me kind of excited, of course, although that's tempered with the memory of what things are like when everything's going wrong in my life; so for those who are curious, today I thought I'd deatil the emotional process I go through, whenever going through a period like this in my life where everything is seemingly going right. Caution: extra navel-gazing today!

Holy crap, my first Second Life sex event was hot. | June 5, 2006
Well, good news; I finally threw my first group sexual event within the alternate reality of Second Life, a special virtual version of Truth Or Dare. Ooh, and not only that, but it was HOT; plus a bunch more people showed up than I was expecting, plus they all seemed to actually get the point of holding such an event in the first place. Today, read all the details if you want.