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Time to get back to work. | August 23, 2006
Well, okay; I gave myself a week-long vacation, to recover from The Recent Unpleasantness (aka my last day job); but that's over, and it's time finally for me to get back to work on the important stuff. And what exactly is the important stuff these days? Read today's entry for the first half of that answer.

Some bad news that took awhile to announce, and why it took awhile. | August 16, 2006
So, some bad news to report today -- I no longer work for MetroProper, the new internet startup that's been the all-consuming obsession of my life for the last six weeks. Today, the reasons why (in as general of terms as possible), and why it's taken me four days to actually post the news here.

Smartass marketing, and "The Subject That Shall Not Be Named;" the latest with MetroProper. | August 8, 2006
Only seven days until the company where I'm now working is finally open to the public! Eek! I can't wait! In the meanwhile, though, today I put up two more details concerning two more business subjects; first an examination of our marketing plan, and then some tricky thoughts concerning the kind of past I have, and how that might possibly affect business at Metroproper in the future. Yeah, a...complicated subject.

Delicate geniuses and making the doughnuts; another week at MetroProper. | August 3, 2006
Another week, another update, concerning the new internet start-up where I am second-in-charge, Today: first some lessons and plans on monetization; then a unique idea for setting up a senior management team; and then a little self-righteous ranting, because I am Jason Pettus, after all.