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The unexpected pleasures of being a virtual jaded reporter. | September 21, 2006
So, a strange thing is happening to me these days; that just as one of my creative projects suffers a failure, a new one is taking off in a BIG way. Today, lots of thoughts about being the videogame Second Life's newest jaded cultural reporter.

More frustrations. Another new plan. Sigh. | September 8, 2006
Well, some frustrating news to report today; that the live-event program for my arts center has gotten officially shelved until next spring. Here, a few thoughts on bitterness, optimism, electronic publishing, and why I'm looking for invites to vampire balls.

And here's what else is going on with me. | September 1, 2006
Hey, sorry this took so long! Today, a continuation of my last entry, explaining all the things I'll be trying to get accomplished this fall and winter.