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More on my fantasy theoretical bookseller/CCLaP shared commercial mini-space. | August 29, 2008
I'm having a particularly crappy year this year, so one of my only highlights these days are of the recurrent pleasant fantasies I keep having each time I pass this empty tiny commercial space in my neighborhood. Today, part 1 of more on what I would build there, and how I would sell the things found within.

I confess: I've been obsessed with the Beijing Olympic Games. | August 23, 2008
Yes, it's true; like millions of other Americans, I seem to be hooked on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in a way I never have with any other Olympics. Why? Well, that's complicated. Click through for more.

Regarding why it's so important to regularly have rosy dreams. | August 17, 2008
Tonight I walked yet again by this tiny little retail space for rent in my neighborhood, and thought yet again about how much fun it'd be to open a rare-book service in the space. Today, a lot more nerdy details on the subject, and why I find it so important to dream about this goal I'm so insanely far away from actually accomplishing.

The suburbs. The horror. | August 14, 2008
A recent walk by an abandoned fast-food place in my neighborhood, plus thinking about a recent article in the New Republic that's been getting a lot of attention, gets me thinking of a nightmarish future world centered around half-abandoned, poor-filled suburbs. Click through for more.

Regarding high-def Olympics, old-man beer, and CCLaP's newest project. | August 10, 2008
It's three days into the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and as a new HDTV owner I've discovered something remarkable: Watching the Olympics in high definition is freakin' SWEET. Here on a Sunday evening, I get drunk on old-man beer, tell you all about it, and by the way announce my arts center's latest big giant publicity-generating project.

Chicago at 14. | August 4, 2008
Well, whaddya know; today is my 14th anniversary of moving to Chicago, a date I celebrate every year as if it were a legitimate holiday. Today, more thoughts on how this year's celebrations are going, and how I feel this most recent year of my life went.