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What is so far officially my favorite embarrassing old college photo yet posted by an ancient friend rediscovered at Facebook. | January 31, 2009
All right, motherfuckers; I JOINED FACEBOOK. Happy? Here, some thoughts on how strange it's been to get reacquainted with a whole series of old college friends there, in some cases for the first time in decades.

Another Saturday, another afternoon of global cultural inhalation. | January 25, 2009
Yesterday I found myself once again doing what I've done on numerous pleasurable Saturdays -- making my way through thousands of random photos and indie-rock songs and blog entries and podcast episodes from amateur artists around the world. Why? And why so pleasurable? Today, some thoughts on the subject.

Regarding the demise of television and my new "Grand Unified Theory of the Arts." | January 22, 2009
I haven't really talked about this online yet, but in recent years (since opening my arts center) I've been slowly coming up with a new "Grand Unified Theory" about the arts, that every medium in history has actually gone through a remarkably similar series of steps in terms of how it's perceived and used by the general public. Today, my first detailed thoughts on the matter, as it pertains to the history of the television industry.