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The exotic appeal of crappy British television. | April 24, 2010
I finally did it -- I finally figured out how to get the BBC "iPlayer" streaming service to work on my American computer. Today, some thoughts on why I wanted to try it, what I discovered, and the surprisingly exotic thrills of crappy low-budget British quiz shows.

Patience, Cane Boy! | April 18, 2010
For those who don't know, I've actually been using a cane for the last nine months because of my bicycle accident last summer; today I get a bit into the frustrations that have come with this, and the Zen-like lessons I've learned. Plus: Trolls! Real Dolls! Nazis! Teabaggers! Asperger's! Or in other words, just another day on the internet.

Two entries in two weeks? That's redonkulous! | April 4, 2010
I'm keeping my promise -- after a hiatus of almost nine months, I've unbelievably gotten two entries up here in two weeks, a rate I hope to maintain throughout the year. Today I talk about what I can say here that I can't at Facebook, and the news that this journal's eleven-year archives are finally now completely moved over from Geocities.