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Regarding "Walden," Lincoln Park, and middle-aged hippie pussies. | November 21, 2010
As part of an essay project at my arts center, I recently read Thoreau's "Walden" for the first time since high school, which got me to thinking of Chicago's Lincoln Park and why I seem to enjoy rural surroundings so much more now at middle-age than in my youth. Today, those thoughts, plus plenty of photos of the park itself.

Converting pipe dreams into actual dreams. | November 12, 2010
I've started a process this month that is destined to have some profound long-term effects -- I've started paying off all my old debt and getting my credit back in order, all of it hopefully culminating in securing my first physical space for my arts center in just another five to ten years from now. Today, lots more details regarding the process itself, and some thoughts on just what the term "justice" actually means.