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How things stand at my one-year anniversary of graduating coding bootcamp. | August 23, 2016
It's my one-year anniversary of graduating DevBootcamp! Do I have a coding job yet? NO, NO I DO NOT. Today, some thoughts on why that is, and what new things have been happening in the last few months to make me more excited about this subject than ever.

Regarding arrogant assholes and existential crises. | August 19, 2016
[After vowing to get back into a weekly publishing schedule with this personal journal of mine this year, I have once again this summer lapsed into big periods of inactivity (although this time for the justifiable reason that my job...

I'm watching the Olympics via streaming for the very first time this year. | August 16, 2016
2016 is the very first year I've had an opportunity to watch the Olympics via streaming coverage online. Today, some thoughts on what the experience has been like, why the BBC is the greatest place to watch sports, and what a bunch of soulless monsters NBC executives are.