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How things stand at my one-year anniversary of graduating coding bootcamp. | August 23, 2016
It's my one-year anniversary of graduating DevBootcamp! Do I have a coding job yet? NO, NO I DO NOT. Today, some thoughts on why that is, and what new things have been happening in the last few months to make me more excited about this subject than ever.

Regarding arrogant assholes and existential crises. | August 19, 2016
[After vowing to get back into a weekly publishing schedule with this personal journal of mine this year, I have once again this summer lapsed into big periods of inactivity (although this time for the justifiable reason that my job...

Surprising news about the future of CCLaP. | April 29, 2016
Surprising news this week -- after doing my taxes, I realized that my arts center actually grossed $20,000 last year, not the $14,000 I was expecting. Today at my journal, what this means for the future of CCLaP, and what admittedly big changes need to take place for that to happen. Hint: it involves putting together a lot more money.

"Well, my therapist says..."; plus a sad farewell to Gapers Block. | January 17, 2016
Today at my blog, I finally go into detail for the first time about my recent decision to start seeing a therapist; plus a sad farewell to the local arts-and-entertainment website Gapers Block, and a small ode to its founder Andrew Huff.

Why I'm quitting Facebook: Or, Welcome to 22015 AA. | October 8, 2015
Today at my personal journal, all the reasons I've decided to quit Facebook for good at the end of this year, and what this has to do with the invention of agriculture 22,000 years ago.

Let me tell you about my grand outer-space adventures!!! | August 17, 2015
Well, okay, no, that's a lie; that's not why it's been two years since you last heard from me at my personal website. Click through for the much more mundane answer, a look at CCLaP's plans for 2016, and a check-in about my new career as a software developer.

Such a busy 2013, I never had a chance to post anything. | December 31, 2013
My first new entry in 14 months! Read an extra-long post about everything that happened to me in the event-filled 2013, and why it kept me too busy to write even a single update to this personal journal of mine. Dogs! Children! Random fast-food shootings! What more do you want?!

Regarding my freakout at the science-fiction convention. | September 2, 2012
I had a major emotional freakout and ensuing anxiety attack this weekend, after attending my first science-fiction convention in literally 25 years and having all these long-forgotten memories of high school come flooding back Vietnam-flashback style. Today, some thoughts on what happened. Plus: Hey, I'm broke! Take a gander at some of the things I'll be doing this fall to make more money.

The game of arts administration. | July 19, 2012
Today, some thoughts on my arts center finally being in the black, how running it often feels like playing a big game, how my time in Second Life in the mid-2000s led to this little theory of small business and gaming, and why I'm looking forward to one day wagging an elderly finger at all my long-dead enemies and bragging that I won.

Regarding the tricky process of artists making good decisions. | March 20, 2011
My arts center's newest original book is out, which as usual has me thinking about the subjects of aging, arts administration, and the trickier and trickier question as you get older of whether or not you're doing the right thing with your life. Today, some musings on these issues.

The plan for 2011. | December 21, 2010
It's the end of the year, time for looking both backwards and forwards; and so here is my detailed month-by-month plan for what I'd like to do in 2011 with my arts organization, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, hopefully adding up by the end to four new books, four issues of a new magazine, four live events, and with luck CCLaP's first-ever four-figure annual profit.

Converting pipe dreams into actual dreams. | November 12, 2010
I've started a process this month that is destined to have some profound long-term effects -- I've started paying off all my old debt and getting my credit back in order, all of it hopefully culminating in securing my first physical space for my arts center in just another five to ten years from now. Today, lots more details regarding the process itself, and some thoughts on just what the term "justice" actually means.

What the electronica industry can teach us about the future of literature. | July 5, 2010
Today, some thoughts on what I've been noticing recently within the world of electronic musicians, and what it may teach us about the future of something as old-fashioned as literature, especially when it comes to digital books and the eventual fate of intellectual property in general.

Random notes. | June 13, 2010
Today, short thoughts on a variety of subjects, including: My arts center's first literary event was a big success; I'm finally bicycling again for the first time in almost a year; why I thank God Facebook wasn't around when I was in college; how it is that Google killed the SEO industry; and why the growing American criticism about Israel is actually the best thing that could've ever happened to Judaism.

The month of returns. | May 16, 2010
This month sees the return of two activities that used to be fun regular parts of my life -- not just bicycling for the first time since my accident last summer, but my very first live literary event in almost a decade. Today, some more thoughts regarding both.

He's alive! Barely. | March 28, 2010
My first update in nine months! Today, details on why that is, mostly because of a bad bicycle accident I was in last summer; and also some updates on what's been going on with me the last nine months, including my recent decision to try my hand for the first time at children's literature.

Is "Lost" the "Ulysses" of television? | April 5, 2009
I'm trying to get more work these days as a futurist; and that means among other things trying to come up with my own quirky theory about the arts, that I too can write a cultishly popular book about and get invited to South by Freaking Southwest too. Today, first thoughts about that theory, and how it applies to the remarkable developments within the television industry in the last decade.

Introducing the "wikicloud" theory of amateur historical research. | February 8, 2009
Uh-oh; it's another entry just for nerds! Today in fact concerns a new research project I've taken on, to eventually present this summer through my arts center, wherein I read a thousand Wikipedia entries on the subject of the 19th Century then present them in 3D "mind-map" form, or in other words a "cloud" of information. Click through for a lot more on what I mean.

Another Saturday, another afternoon of global cultural inhalation. | January 25, 2009
Yesterday I found myself once again doing what I've done on numerous pleasurable Saturdays -- making my way through thousands of random photos and indie-rock songs and blog entries and podcast episodes from amateur artists around the world. Why? And why so pleasurable? Today, some thoughts on the subject.

Regarding the demise of television and my new "Grand Unified Theory of the Arts." | January 22, 2009
I haven't really talked about this online yet, but in recent years (since opening my arts center) I've been slowly coming up with a new "Grand Unified Theory" about the arts, that every medium in history has actually gone through a remarkably similar series of steps in terms of how it's perceived and used by the general public. Today, my first detailed thoughts on the matter, as it pertains to the history of the television industry.

It's here. It's finally here. | October 31, 2008
Good Christ Almighty, my arts center's first-ever original book is finally out, after a year of constant plans and constant delays. Today, all about it, what I think of it, and by the way why I will never accept one of those dirty corporate major-press book-editor jobs.

And yet even more on this little mini-space I've been having pipe dreams about. | September 2, 2008
Today, part 3 of my recent thoughts about this weird little commercial mini-space that recently up for rent in my neighborhood here in Chicago, and all the various cool book-oriented things I could do with such a space.

More on my fantasy theoretical bookseller/CCLaP shared commercial mini-space. | August 29, 2008
I'm having a particularly crappy year this year, so one of my only highlights these days are of the recurrent pleasant fantasies I keep having each time I pass this empty tiny commercial space in my neighborhood. Today, part 1 of more on what I would build there, and how I would sell the things found within.

Regarding why it's so important to regularly have rosy dreams. | August 17, 2008
Tonight I walked yet again by this tiny little retail space for rent in my neighborhood, and thought yet again about how much fun it'd be to open a rare-book service in the space. Today, a lot more nerdy details on the subject, and why I find it so important to dream about this goal I'm so insanely far away from actually accomplishing.

The suburbs. The horror. | August 14, 2008
A recent walk by an abandoned fast-food place in my neighborhood, plus thinking about a recent article in the New Republic that's been getting a lot of attention, gets me thinking of a nightmarish future world centered around half-abandoned, poor-filled suburbs. Click through for more.

Welcome to the Distributed Life. | October 19, 2007
The futurist in me has been recently thinking again of a concept I first came up with a couple of years ago -- the "distributed lifestyle," based on distributed computing, where half your work or school day is instead spent at home with family and technology. Click through for a lot more nerdy goodness!

It's true -- Chicago 2007 is a Victorian science-fiction dream. | August 18, 2007
Yeah, I know I've been talking about this a lot this summer, but a recent bike ride got me thinking yet again about Chicago 150 years ago versus Chicago now, and how it was the persistent vision of many Victorian-Age citizens that created what we have here now. Today, yet MORE on the subject, and why I still believe in the power of these things to transform.

How to make money from nothing. Seriously. | June 20, 2007
Well, just a couple of weeks until the virtual photography gallery opens for my arts center, as will my first opportunity to generate revenue through CCLaP. Will it work? We'll see! Today, all the details on how I plan to do this, despite having not a penny to spend on upfront costs.

Here we go. Again. | May 31, 2007
Well, it's official, almost: Sometime in the next couple of days I will finally be re-activating my arts organization, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, now located at the new URL Read all about it today. Plus: Bad news about my Second Life blog; why must Americans turn everything into a joyless exercise in consumerism?; and no, you're not imagining things, I really have been more of an asshole this spring than usual.

Oh yeah, that's right, it takes time to recover from surgery. | April 23, 2007
Well, the good news is that I'm ready any day to re-activate my arts organization, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. The bad news -- I keep getting stopped by all this damn oral surgery I'm going through right, and the pesky fact that my body actually needs time to recover. How dare my body need time to recover from surgery!

Greetings from beyond the Aether. | March 15, 2007
Well, hi ho there, ladies and germs, and as always I apologize for going so long without updating this journal. (For those who don't know, by the way, I continue to update lots of other online stuff regularly, even though...

Random notes. | January 8, 2007
Today, a collection of notes that have been piling up in my Moleskine, including: thoughts on owning my first-ever iPod; I'm finally republishing my entire back catalog of books; a reader wants to know what I think of Jason Fortuny, so I tell him; and could 2007 finally be the year that my projects turn a profit?

The unexpected pleasures of being a virtual jaded reporter. | September 21, 2006
So, a strange thing is happening to me these days; that just as one of my creative projects suffers a failure, a new one is taking off in a BIG way. Today, lots of thoughts about being the videogame Second Life's newest jaded cultural reporter.

More frustrations. Another new plan. Sigh. | September 8, 2006
Well, some frustrating news to report today; that the live-event program for my arts center has gotten officially shelved until next spring. Here, a few thoughts on bitterness, optimism, electronic publishing, and why I'm looking for invites to vampire balls.

Some bad news that took awhile to announce, and why it took awhile. | August 16, 2006
So, some bad news to report today -- I no longer work for MetroProper, the new internet startup that's been the all-consuming obsession of my life for the last six weeks. Today, the reasons why (in as general of terms as possible), and why it's taken me four days to actually post the news here.

Smartass marketing, and "The Subject That Shall Not Be Named;" the latest with MetroProper. | August 8, 2006
Only seven days until the company where I'm now working is finally open to the public! Eek! I can't wait! In the meanwhile, though, today I put up two more details concerning two more business subjects; first an examination of our marketing plan, and then some tricky thoughts concerning the kind of past I have, and how that might possibly affect business at Metroproper in the future. Yeah, a...complicated subject.

Delicate geniuses and making the doughnuts; another week at MetroProper. | August 3, 2006
Another week, another update, concerning the new internet start-up where I am second-in-charge, Today: first some lessons and plans on monetization; then a unique idea for setting up a senior management team; and then a little self-righteous ranting, because I am Jason Pettus, after all.

Regarding hiring, firing, and other bigshot internet-startup executive stuff. | July 27, 2006
The craziness continues. Today, a report on the last two weeks, of me being America's newest high-powered, highly-paid internet-startup corporate executive. No, I'm not kidding.

Okay, so the real reason I'm scaling back this journal. | April 24, 2006
Okay, so my readers (brilliant as always) have been guessing more and more at why I so suddenly decided to scale back this journal; I did indeed have an "incident" in real-life Chicago recently concerning a reader, that left me rather shaken and spooked. Today, the details, and some thoughts on how this is going to affect both my current and future online life. Plus: Finally, the details of my arts center's upcoming wiki, "The CCLaP Guide to Being a Self-Sustaining Artist."

I'm thinking of scaling back this journal. | April 10, 2006
Okay, so because of a growing amount of responsibilites in other areas of my life, I'm indeed thinking about cutting back on the amount of entries written here. Today, the entire story of why. Plus: lots of new details considering "Archimedes," the alternative-reality-game "hyperfiction" project I'm creating this summer. Warning: much nerdiness ahead!

I have some new announcements concerning my arts center. | March 27, 2006
Three major new announcements today concerning my new arts center, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. First, our October guest for "The CCLaP Sessions" is official - it's Time Out: Chicago Books Editor Jonathan Messinger; second, a new online document is ready, detailing CCLaP's upcoming online activities; and finally, our first book project is official, a collection of funny, horrific drug memoirs called "Contact High."

The future of the arts - an opposing viewpoint. | March 24, 2006
Well, no suprise here - my declaration on Wednesday, that most artistic non-profits will be dead in the next 30 years, has generated quite a bit of dissent from the non-profit community! Today, an extended essay by my friend Jude Baker, a profesional non-profit executive, arguing the points I made earlier this week.

I've been thinking about Jesus recently. | March 23, 2006
I've been making my way recently through my "read this stuff" box here at home, and in particular a series of lectures by Jewish intellectuals, concerning Christian-Jewish relations. It's had me thinking a lot recently about the subject of Jesus - if he was a real man, what kind of man he might've been, why the Christians and Jews had such a falling-out over him in the first place. Today, my thoughts. Plus: I think I've finally sold my mom on the idea of my arts center, thank God; and, hopefully it'll finally sink in with a bunch of new people today - that I'm holding a reader fundraiser right now. Only $195 to go!

That's right, I said that artistic non-profits are dying. | March 22, 2006
No, you didn't hear me wrong yesterday; I'm predicting the permanent death of almost all artistic non-profits by 20 or 30 years from now. Today, some detailed thoughts on why, and what will replace this structure in the future. Plus: I don't think that newspaper who interviewed me is going to run the article, so I might as well talk about it now; plus good news on the reader fundraiser for a new Intel Mini - $405 now raised! Only $195 to go!

Regarding micropayments and "micro-economies." | March 20, 2006
A comics friend and I recently got on a topic that I've been discussing with others since the 1980s - of "micropayments," or charging just a tiny amount of money for a tiny amount of creative content (one comic strip, for example, or one poem). Today, some thoughts on why so far no one has been able to successfully implement such a thing...well, that is, except for the videogame "Second Life." More on how they're able to do it, and how artistic organizations could mimic the structure in real life if they wanted. Plus: some screenshots from the upcoming new brochure for my own arts center; plus great news to report about the Mini fundraiser - $360 now raised!

Good Lord - more about Second Life! | March 15, 2006
Good Lord - my fifth day in a row of entries about the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life!" But hey, what can I say - I have yet more things to say about it! Including: an update on my reader fundraiser ($50 raised, $450 to go); more about land ownership, how to build objects, and how this all naturally affects zoning, without there having to be any laws about it; I've started talking with more Linden employees; and more on the serious, academic experiments that can be run within Second Life as well, especially by traditional academic organizations (at a steep price discount too, no less).

Field report, part 2: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 14, 2006
Today, part 2 (the final part, whew) of my field report, concerning my first weekend spent in the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," along with lots of screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. Plus: a modest proposal to my readers - you guys buy me an Intel Mini ($500), so I can KEEP playing Second Life, and I won't fundraise for the South Africa trip, but rather earn the money in-game myself. Hmm, what do you think?

Field report: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 13, 2006
Well, it's official; I finally was able to log into the alternative-reality game "Second Life" for the first time on Friday, and ended up spending the whole damn weekend playing (and taking screenshots). Today, part 1 of my ridiculously long report, explaining everything I saw.

Singing for your supper in the virtual world. | March 10, 2006
Well, what do you know; I was going through the extensive website for the virtual-reality game Second Life yesterday, and learned that there is in fact a free level of membership. And not only that, you can actually start earning money as a free member, right from the first day. Today, some thoughts on how this might be radically changing my day-to-day life. Plus: A technical question for all you mashup artists out there.

Random notes. | March 9, 2006
Just some random notes today, including: I finally understand how Second Life works, and I really fucking want to join now - thank you, Google Video!; a hilarious public remark recently by Kevin Smith that you absolutely must watch; yes, I was one of the lucky few that downloaded that secret Google Powerpoint presentation, that they accidentally posted, and I'll tell you a little about what it says too; something on "South Park" the other night that made me pee my pants; some thoughts about lesbians in love on el platforms; another kudo to; and it's official - I'm making my ninth attempt at quitting smoking soon.

Once that ball starts rolling... | February 28, 2006
Well, even more official announcements for CCLaP, this new arts center of mine opening this September; I have our first official show to announce, and someone's donated us a free website as well. Today, some thoughts on why things seem to be coming together so quickly these days, after two years of hardly anything happening at all; and why, by the way, I think those first two years were still necessary. Plus: five simple ways you too can help the Chicago Center for Literature an Photography, sometimes for free, sometimes by donating crap in your basement.

And the name of my new arts center is... | February 27, 2006
Why, it's the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, in fact (or CCLaP for short), which I can now announce because the website's URL is finally secured. Today, the full explanation of where this name came from, and why it was chosen. Plus: two new 'jasonpettus' tags in the blogosphere, and two new audio comments! Too bad they both recorded them in a way so that I can't share them!; Google, won't you please build the "Google Crossword Helper?;" and a little help is needed regarding whether I'm doing something wrong with iTunes.

Regarding reader feedback and "the conversation." | February 24, 2006
Okay, all this talk recently at my site about "the conversation" between companies and customers brings up a good point - how do readers of mine get thoughts, opinions and responses to me? I don't have commenting abilities here, after all. Today, a fully detailed guide to how you can do so, why I think this is much better than commenting, and how you can easily implement such a thing at your own site. Plus: Speaking of feedback, here's something to ponder - what kind of social application should I build at Ning?; and a few thoughts about Philip K. Dick and the letting-go of our childhood heroes.

PixPulse: Portrait of a company that gets it. | February 23, 2006
I've had this remarkable experience recently with a small start-up company; they've actually been listening to my complaints, and changing the things I've been asking them to change. Today, some thoughts on how amazing this is, why the world is moving in this direction in general, and what other businesses can do about it, before being left behind in the dust themselves. Plus: Behold, the Jason Pettus Widget!

Random notes. | February 22, 2006
Just some random notes from my life today, including: More on that "RedEye" article I briefly mentioned last week; a new photo from my brother proves just what a dork he actually is; some thoughts about I-GO, a new car-sharing service in Chicago; a Missouri institution closes; when did I become a rebel cult-hero high-school English teacher?; why I'm such an obsessive fan of Flickr; and it's official - Franz Ferdinand rocks my fucking ass.

I have lots of little announcements for you today. | February 20, 2006
Lots of little new announcements for everyone today, including: I've started up a new blog, specifically for getting reprinted in such mainstream publications as the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle (with a fascinating story, too, of how it all came about); I've got new Flickr photos up, including an intriguing set of satellite images; the first 'jasonpettus' tags start showing up in my RSS feed, including one from an unlikely source; and some geeky news regarding code cleanup of my main journal.

Regarding the "magic middle." | February 17, 2006
Dave Sifri, owner of Technorati, has coined an amazing term at his blog this week: the "magic middle," those 150,000 bloggers around the world who have between 20 and a thousand links in Technorati's database. Today, some thoughts from me on how this supports the argument I've been making for years; that any single one of you can have the audience I do, and the influence I do, without too terribly much work at all. Plus: The deathclock officially begins for the paper journalism industry; and a science-fiction scenario which could possibly lead to Baghdad eventually becoming the new world center for intellectual thought. It's not as ludicrous as it might sound at first.

My day with Adobe; my evening with Yahoo. | February 16, 2006
Wow - I just got done attending a day-long workshop on Adobe's new Production Studio software, and I'm so impressed I'm about ready to wet myself. Here, a full report from the event, including an audio interview with one of the Adobe experts. Plus: my short, disappointing recounting of a Yahoo Personals event I attended here in Chicago on Valentine's Day.

[randommedia] Interview with Adobe's Greg Rewis | February 16, 2006
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], recorded through my cellphone using the service Here: a two-part interview with Adobe's Greg Rewis, after attending the company's Production Studio Tour stop in Chicago.

No, seriously, the last about my new arts center. | February 9, 2006
No, I mean it, today I will finally finish up the plans for the new "lite" version of my arts center; one that will generate substantially less money, that is, but also be ready to open as soon as this September. Today: How much money that's going to take.

Who is Nikki Patin, and why should you care? | February 8, 2006
Today, part 3 of this week's talk about the new "lite" version of my upcoming arts center; one that will generate significantly less money, that is, but will be open for business as early as this Septmeber. Specifically, more on Nikki Patin, my new Director of Live Events; and more on our Membership and Fellowship programs.

Introducing my arts center - the "lite" version. | February 6, 2006
I've been getting so much email about it since first casually mentioning it on Friday, that I thought I'd address it head-on today: Yes, it's most likely that a "lite" version of my arts center will be open for business as soon as this September. Today, the first details of why this is.

The Mighty O strikes again. | January 30, 2006
Wow, how about that Oprah? Ripping both James Frey and his publisher on live television like that, huh? Today, a formal Apologia (that is, a written justification) for Oprah's recent behavior, and why we should all celebrate that she's out there and kicking ass. Plus: an interesting new viral-marketing idea in the arts I stumbled across in my neighborhood last night.

The Heterotopia Report for January 27. | January 27, 2006
Interesting things from around the internet, including: the Trib shrinks their Books section; a journalist steals from Wikipedia; the Wendy's finger-chili scandal comes to an end; Wham-O sells out; a mysterious stranger appears at Poe's grave; exercise may stave off Alzheimer's; the coolest academic perk ever; the very first el car goes on display; build a large-format camera out of a scanner; short notes; and do you want to help create a bike trail for the entire Mississippi River?

I was dreaming of the arts center again. | January 20, 2006
I admit it, I drifted off and had a dream again about my arts center: about how cool it'd be if it was open right now, so I could book this interesting series of columnists at the Chicago Tribune. Today, thoughts on why it's so important to sometimes have these dreams, even while maintaining a sense of reality about it all.

The Heterotopia Report for January 17. | January 17, 2006
Interesting things from other places on the internet, including: the latest from this week's Macworld convention; cool stuff from Boing Boing; Dave Winer has a great idea for 'reading lists;' announcing the Beat Generation Museum; the "International Baccalaureate" style of education gets hot; Google releases a mobile compressor; WAPReview gets snarky about IM; and the Donner Party might not have been cannibals after all.

The Heterotopia Report for January 10th. | January 10, 2006
Interesting things found elsewhere on the internet, including: Why it is that 27 percent of Yahoo users are now using RSS feeds, although only 4 percent of them realize it; how to create your own Dashboard widget; advice from a self-employed programmer; the sudden hotness of the old cartography industry; how blogging can help marketing; top 10 failed tech trends of 2005; a milestone in the world of open access; a report from; mobile Flash Player?; Michael Crichton gets ripped off; JT Leroy is a fake!; and Kodak changes their logo, way too late.

Field report: Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge, Chicago. | January 6, 2006
Today, my field report (in text and photos) of the new Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge in Chicago's Wicker Park, a new experiential marketing project by the RJ Reynolds corporation. It's a pretty cool place!

Regarding the ARG as social experiment. | January 4, 2006
So, I've been thinking about online gaming again, mostly because of talking with Sean Stewart over the holidays (the puppetmaster behind the 2001 "Evan Chan" game I was obsessed with), as well as all the attention the game "Second Life" is getting these days. Today, some thoughts on how I might be able to break into the industry, or perhaps even start my own game at this new place called Multiverse, and how if I did that, I might start my "game" instead as an online social experiment, much like the Well did in the '80s. Plus: a small defense of snooty-pooty urban sex shops.

Odds and ends. | January 3, 2006
Random notes, including: thoughts on if 2005 really was the year blogs tipped into the mainstream, and what comes next; thoughts on Google's "ads as a whisper, not as a bullhorn" policy, and why it's been so damn successful; why in the Information Age there will be no more art movements; what's coming next to this website; and more thoughts about the bitchin' 1970s Mercury Marquis.

Happy 2006! | January 2, 2006
Happy new year! And guess what, I've actually made a New Year's resolution and everything: to finally implement a full and detailed version of the "Getting Things Done" time-management system in my life, which I've been using on a limited basis for about a year now. Today, thoughts on how this is done, and what it's going to mean, not only for my life but for yours. Plus: dreams of 'merry prankster' style computer viruses; and "learning about artists changes artists."

More random notes from St. Charles. | December 28, 2005
More random notes about how my holiday in St. Charles, Missouri is going, including: I attended two, count 'em, two family get-togethers this week; then hung out with my brother's smartass St. Louis friends (and recorded a smartass podcast episode); I discovered something cool at the CNET desktop version; my dad's students think he's 'hot;' I finally click on a Google contextual ad; and I can't stop singing along to the Smiths.

Random notes. | December 21, 2005
Some short notes about random topics today, including: Dude, the Christian Underground is so hardcore!; a possible new way of thinking about coffeehouses; some thoughts on the recent woes Six Apart has been going through; a call for John McCain to run for President again; I've been getting into Robert Scoble recently; and a few thoughts about changing careers in your thirties.

The Heterotopia Report for December 20th. | December 20, 2005
A semi-regular feature at this site, simply pointing people to other interesting things found elsewhere on the internet.

Regarding decentralized social networking. | December 19, 2005
A recent conversation about my "Jason Pettus Instant Locator™" has gotten me thinking again about the concept of social networking. Today, my musings on the subject, and how it would be possible to build a social network without needing a centralized organization maintaining it at all.

[randommedia]: Field report from the Chicago Small Business Expo, UIC Pavilion | August 12, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a field report from the Chicago Small Business Expo, being held in the UIC Pavilion.

[randommedia]: Interview with's Andrew Huff | April 29, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one an interview with Andrew Huff, founder and editor-in-chief of, a popular guide to Chicago hipster life. Recorded at one of the monthly Gapers Block social events, this one at Wrigleyville indie haunt Gingerman, on Clark next-door to Metro.

[story] There's something about a girl in uniform | August 4, 1998
An online version of my 1998 story "There's something about a girl in uniform," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1998."