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He's alive! Barely. | March 28, 2010
My first update in nine months! Today, details on why that is, mostly because of a bad bicycle accident I was in last summer; and also some updates on what's been going on with me the last nine months, including my recent decision to try my hand for the first time at children's literature.

What is so far officially my favorite embarrassing old college photo yet posted by an ancient friend rediscovered at Facebook. | January 31, 2009
All right, motherfuckers; I JOINED FACEBOOK. Happy? Here, some thoughts on how strange it's been to get reacquainted with a whole series of old college friends there, in some cases for the first time in decades.

Random notes. | February 22, 2006
Just some random notes from my life today, including: More on that "RedEye" article I briefly mentioned last week; a new photo from my brother proves just what a dork he actually is; some thoughts about I-GO, a new car-sharing service in Chicago; a Missouri institution closes; when did I become a rebel cult-hero high-school English teacher?; why I'm such an obsessive fan of Flickr; and it's official - Franz Ferdinand rocks my fucking ass.

More random notes from St. Charles. | December 28, 2005
More random notes about how my holiday in St. Charles, Missouri is going, including: I attended two, count 'em, two family get-togethers this week; then hung out with my brother's smartass St. Louis friends (and recorded a smartass podcast episode); I discovered something cool at the CNET desktop version; my dad's students think he's 'hot;' I finally click on a Google contextual ad; and I can't stop singing along to the Smiths.

Random notes - the St. Charles, media-rich edition. | December 27, 2005
Just some short notes about how my holiday has been going this week, down here in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. This update in particular includes lots of photos and links to audio files, since I have access to my dad's laptop and WiFi connection, making it just so easy to load such media in the first place.

[randommedia]: Conversation with my brother, St. Louis, Christmas 2005 | December 27, 2005
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], this one a conversation with my brother in St. Louis during the 2005 Christmas holidays. Topics discussed include the recent NYC transit strike, my brother's job at a bleeding-edge tech company in Manhattan, and why he is no longer learning a word a day in Russian.

Greetings from St. Charles...again. | December 22, 2005
Greetings from St. Charles, Missouri, where I am once again spending the week with my family for the holidays. Today, some awfully unfocused thoughts about what I'm hoping to get accomplished online this week while I'm here.

Heat wave! | June 27, 2005
Oh, good LORD is it hot here in Chicago this week. Today, a few thoughts on being out in the weather, getting to update my journal while out for the first time, and other random thoughts.

Random notes for June 24. | June 24, 2005
Random notes from my life these days, including: my parents are visiting this weekend; my brother gets me addicted to yet another reality show; and Paul Harvey finally loses his mind.

[story] A man | August 4, 1997
An online version of my 1997 story "A man," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1997."

[story] Jokes my grandpa used to tell me | August 4, 1997
An online version of my 1997 story "Jokes my grandpa used to tell me," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1997."

[book] Chicago Stories 1996 | August 4, 1996
The online table of contents for my book "Chicago Stories 1996," including direct links to HTML versions of all pieces found therein.