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Notes from a homemade meditation retreat. | September 30, 2016
Today, an extra-long and image-heavy look at my very first self-scheduled, home-based weekend meditation retreat, plus lots more details on what meditation is and why everyone should be practicing it.

Regarding "Walden," Lincoln Park, and middle-aged hippie pussies. | November 21, 2010
As part of an essay project at my arts center, I recently read Thoreau's "Walden" for the first time since high school, which got me to thinking of Chicago's Lincoln Park and why I seem to enjoy rural surroundings so much more now at middle-age than in my youth. Today, those thoughts, plus plenty of photos of the park itself.

Field report, part 2: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 14, 2006
Today, part 2 (the final part, whew) of my field report, concerning my first weekend spent in the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," along with lots of screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. Plus: a modest proposal to my readers - you guys buy me an Intel Mini ($500), so I can KEEP playing Second Life, and I won't fundraise for the South Africa trip, but rather earn the money in-game myself. Hmm, what do you think?

Field report: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 13, 2006
Well, it's official; I finally was able to log into the alternative-reality game "Second Life" for the first time on Friday, and ended up spending the whole damn weekend playing (and taking screenshots). Today, part 1 of my ridiculously long report, explaining everything I saw.

Field report: Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge, Chicago. | January 6, 2006
Today, my field report (in text and photos) of the new Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge in Chicago's Wicker Park, a new experiential marketing project by the RJ Reynolds corporation. It's a pretty cool place!