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Asshole Jason is dead! Long live Asshole Jason! | February 16, 2016
Today, a look back at my decade in the "emotional wilderness" otherwise known as my thirties, and an examination of the things that have recently happened in my life that have finally brought that age to an end.

The Jens Lekman Incident. | October 9, 2011
In which our humble narrator attends his first rock concert in a decade, buys his very first online ticket, and has a crying fit in the middle of a Jens Lekman show, over realizing that his decade-long "karmic time of penance" for being such an asshole when younger is finally at its end.

What is so far officially my favorite embarrassing old college photo yet posted by an ancient friend rediscovered at Facebook. | January 31, 2009
All right, motherfuckers; I JOINED FACEBOOK. Happy? Here, some thoughts on how strange it's been to get reacquainted with a whole series of old college friends there, in some cases for the first time in decades.

I've been feeling like a horny teenager recently. And that's not necessarily bad. | May 30, 2008
The longer I go in this period of enhanced solitude I find myself in these days, the more my thoughts about sexuality seem to be changing. Today, more on the subject, and how I believe this ties into just how much of an asshole I am on any given day.

It's my birthday. I'm not exactly thrilled about it. | March 5, 2008
It's my 39th birthday today; and like most birthdays, it has me in a sober and contemplative mood, reflecting back on the last twelve months and the various things that have gone right and wrong. Click through to read about the conclusions I've made.

Notes from the social contract which is society. | September 29, 2007
Some extended time alone this year has had my brain thinking in new directions; including the realization of just how fragile "society" is in the first place. Today, lots more thoughts concerning the subject, and how to be both horribly depressed and surprisingly optimistic about such a situation.

Greetings from beyond the Aether. | March 15, 2007
Well, hi ho there, ladies and germs, and as always I apologize for going so long without updating this journal. (For those who don't know, by the way, I continue to update lots of other online stuff regularly, even though...

Okay, so the real reason I'm scaling back this journal. | April 24, 2006
Okay, so my readers (brilliant as always) have been guessing more and more at why I so suddenly decided to scale back this journal; I did indeed have an "incident" in real-life Chicago recently concerning a reader, that left me rather shaken and spooked. Today, the details, and some thoughts on how this is going to affect both my current and future online life. Plus: Finally, the details of my arts center's upcoming wiki, "The CCLaP Guide to Being a Self-Sustaining Artist."

PixPulse: Portrait of a company that gets it. | February 23, 2006
I've had this remarkable experience recently with a small start-up company; they've actually been listening to my complaints, and changing the things I've been asking them to change. Today, some thoughts on how amazing this is, why the world is moving in this direction in general, and what other businesses can do about it, before being left behind in the dust themselves. Plus: Behold, the Jason Pettus Widget!

My surprisingly emotional weekend. | January 16, 2006
Today: a recounting of my recent trip to Hyde Park, to visit my old friends Carrie Golus and Patrick Welch, who I haven't seen for two years now, since they had their twin babies, and what a surprisingly emotional visit it turned out to be. Plus: helping my friend Kate pack up her stuff, in preparation for her move from Rogers Park to Edgewater, using our old friend "Getting Things Done." Go, GTD, go!

God, no wonder I've been such a prick lately. | June 24, 2005
Man, I've been in a shitty mood this week, and I think it's probably been showing a little - see my bitter, self-righteous rant against Wired magazine and my sad ode to a girlfriend who doesn't actually exist for the...

Nextfest: A final thought. | June 23, 2005
A final thought concerning the crap I went through this week as a volunteer for Wired magazine's Nextfest. Caution: bitterness and self-righteous behavior ahead!

Live from Nextfest: I've been fired! | June 22, 2005
What a surprise - somebody from Nextfest actually read my journal yesterday, and I've been asked not to show up again. Today's entry is a short one; you've pretty much learned everything already just by reading this excerpt.

[story] Mean and hateful poems | August 4, 1999
An online version of my 1999 story "Mean and hateful poems," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1999."

[story] I wish I were a machine | August 4, 1998
An online version of my 1998 story "I wish I were a machine," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1998."

[book] Chicago Stories 1996 | August 4, 1996
The online table of contents for my book "Chicago Stories 1996," including direct links to HTML versions of all pieces found therein.