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Short-term frustrations and the long-term view. Plus, sex and babies. | October 11, 2012
Today, a few thoughts on some short-term frustrations I've been having recently, and the importance of keeping the long-term view in mind during such times. Plus, at 43 I'm finally starting to have baby fever every so often; but first I need to find someone who can stand having sex with me. Sigh.

I'm thinking of scaling back this journal. | April 10, 2006
Okay, so because of a growing amount of responsibilites in other areas of my life, I'm indeed thinking about cutting back on the amount of entries written here. Today, the entire story of why. Plus: lots of new details considering "Archimedes," the alternative-reality-game "hyperfiction" project I'm creating this summer. Warning: much nerdiness ahead!

You control your technology. I cannot emphasize this enough. | February 14, 2006
Well, only four days since I got this new home broadband connection, and I'm already starting to experience that weird feeling so many of you have complained to me about before: of being simply overwhelmed by all the information now at my disposal. Today, some thoughts on how to reclaim our control over our tech devices, and how to get them to better work for us, not the other way around. Plus: Anyone want to go to a Yahoo Personals event with me tonight?

Guess who finally has a home internet connection? | February 10, 2006
That's right, it's me! I could tell you what new things this is going to mean both for my life and your reading habits, but I'd just go on and on for days on end and never actually get anything done. So instead, today just an examination of the very first new online thing I've taken on - becoming a member of

My surprisingly emotional weekend. | January 16, 2006
Today: a recounting of my recent trip to Hyde Park, to visit my old friends Carrie Golus and Patrick Welch, who I haven't seen for two years now, since they had their twin babies, and what a surprisingly emotional visit it turned out to be. Plus: helping my friend Kate pack up her stuff, in preparation for her move from Rogers Park to Edgewater, using our old friend "Getting Things Done." Go, GTD, go!

Happy 2006! | January 2, 2006
Happy new year! And guess what, I've actually made a New Year's resolution and everything: to finally implement a full and detailed version of the "Getting Things Done" time-management system in my life, which I've been using on a limited basis for about a year now. Today, thoughts on how this is done, and what it's going to mean, not only for my life but for yours. Plus: dreams of 'merry prankster' style computer viruses; and "learning about artists changes artists."

Getting Things Done - a progress report. | July 29, 2005
Well, it's been about two weeks since adding the "Getting Things Done" time-management system to my life, and things are going FANTASTICALLY. Today, I tell you all about it.

God help me, I'm Getting Things Done. | July 19, 2005
Oh Lord, it's true - I've become one of those GTD nutjobs. Today, an overview of the time-management system with the freakishly cultlike following, for those who have never heard of it.