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Notes from a homemade meditation retreat. | September 30, 2016
Today, an extra-long and image-heavy look at my very first self-scheduled, home-based weekend meditation retreat, plus lots more details on what meditation is and why everyone should be practicing it.

Asshole Jason is dead! Long live Asshole Jason! | February 16, 2016
Today, a look back at my decade in the "emotional wilderness" otherwise known as my thirties, and an examination of the things that have recently happened in my life that have finally brought that age to an end.

The Jens Lekman Incident. | October 9, 2011
In which our humble narrator attends his first rock concert in a decade, buys his very first online ticket, and has a crying fit in the middle of a Jens Lekman show, over realizing that his decade-long "karmic time of penance" for being such an asshole when younger is finally at its end.

Regarding eucatastrophes and Kevin Smith. | January 25, 2011
Today: The apocalypse is here -- JASON PETTUS NOW OWNS A CREDIT CARD. Click through for all the details, and why it reminds me of JRR Tolkien's concept of the "eucatastrophe," a suddenly great thing that happens to us for no rational reason. Plus: Did you know that Kevin Smith is now producing a new podcast episode every night of the week? Read what I think about it if you want.

In which I come to realize that I'm kind of high-strung. | October 17, 2010
As mentioned last time, I'm finally free to start talking in detail about my bad bike accident last year; and one of the most fascinating if not terrifying experiences from it was finally getting to know what exactly an anxiety attack feels like. Today, some thoughts on the subject.

And now the story can finally be told. | October 10, 2010
The settlement check has officially cleared, which means I can finally start talking in public about my bad bicycle accident last year; today, some thoughts on why I still generally won't be doing so anyway, and an embarrassing hospital anecdote to mollify those disappointed by the news. Plus, a few reminiscences about GALLERIA, the student art gallery my friends and I started in college, celebrating its 20th anniversary this autumn.

Patience, Cane Boy! | April 18, 2010
For those who don't know, I've actually been using a cane for the last nine months because of my bicycle accident last summer; today I get a bit into the frustrations that have come with this, and the Zen-like lessons I've learned. Plus: Trolls! Real Dolls! Nazis! Teabaggers! Asperger's! Or in other words, just another day on the internet.

Two entries in two weeks? That's redonkulous! | April 4, 2010
I'm keeping my promise -- after a hiatus of almost nine months, I've unbelievably gotten two entries up here in two weeks, a rate I hope to maintain throughout the year. Today I talk about what I can say here that I can't at Facebook, and the news that this journal's eleven-year archives are finally now completely moved over from Geocities.

He's alive! Barely. | March 28, 2010
My first update in nine months! Today, details on why that is, mostly because of a bad bicycle accident I was in last summer; and also some updates on what's been going on with me the last nine months, including my recent decision to try my hand for the first time at children's literature.

Regarding podcasts, 'Girls Gone Wild,' and the neo-monk lifestyle. | June 3, 2009
I just had an experience the other day that reminded me of this again, plus just finished a book by Neal Stephenson called Anathem that deals in general with the same subject; so since I haven't updated this main personal...

What is so far officially my favorite embarrassing old college photo yet posted by an ancient friend rediscovered at Facebook. | January 31, 2009
All right, motherfuckers; I JOINED FACEBOOK. Happy? Here, some thoughts on how strange it's been to get reacquainted with a whole series of old college friends there, in some cases for the first time in decades.

It's my birthday. I'm not exactly thrilled about it. | March 5, 2008
It's my 39th birthday today; and like most birthdays, it has me in a sober and contemplative mood, reflecting back on the last twelve months and the various things that have gone right and wrong. Click through to read about the conclusions I've made.

On being one of those annoying "your body is a temple" fucks. | May 4, 2007
I got a letter the other day from a reader, politely asking that I not turn into one of those smug "your body is a temple" assholes, now that I'm making all these changes to my lifestyle. Oh, don't worry, there's not much chance of that happening! Today, I explain why, and why I'm so fascinated by the human body these days anyway. Plus random notes!

Oh yeah, that's right, it takes time to recover from surgery. | April 23, 2007
Well, the good news is that I'm ready any day to re-activate my arts organization, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. The bad news -- I keep getting stopped by all this damn oral surgery I'm going through right, and the pesky fact that my body actually needs time to recover. How dare my body need time to recover from surgery!

Greetings from beyond the Aether. | March 15, 2007
Well, hi ho there, ladies and germs, and as always I apologize for going so long without updating this journal. (For those who don't know, by the way, I continue to update lots of other online stuff regularly, even though...

Random notes. | March 9, 2006
Just some random notes today, including: I finally understand how Second Life works, and I really fucking want to join now - thank you, Google Video!; a hilarious public remark recently by Kevin Smith that you absolutely must watch; yes, I was one of the lucky few that downloaded that secret Google Powerpoint presentation, that they accidentally posted, and I'll tell you a little about what it says too; something on "South Park" the other night that made me pee my pants; some thoughts about lesbians in love on el platforms; another kudo to; and it's official - I'm making my ninth attempt at quitting smoking soon.

Random notes for August 8th. | August 8, 2005
Lots of random notes today, including: Yes, please invite me to local events if you want, in return for reviews; I can finally listen to podcasts now, and why this is underwhelming information; and jeez, man, am I ever sore these days.

[story] A day without caffeine | August 4, 2000
An online version of my 2000 story "A day without caffeine," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 2000."

[story] Getting in touch with my pain | August 4, 1998
An online version of my 1998 story "Getting in touch with my pain," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1998."