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I've got sex on the knee. Er, brain. | July 10, 2008
An offhand remark during Kevin Smith's podcast last week has had me thinking of one of my first-ever erotic experiences, back in high school during a packed car ride with my fellow marching-band geeks. Today, read all about it, and a lot more.

I've been feeling like a horny teenager recently. And that's not necessarily bad. | May 30, 2008
The longer I go in this period of enhanced solitude I find myself in these days, the more my thoughts about sexuality seem to be changing. Today, more on the subject, and how I believe this ties into just how much of an asshole I am on any given day.

Jason, meet sexual tension. Sexual tension, Jason. | December 5, 2007
A recent experience with a friend reminds me of the subject of sexual tension, and of how different a thing it is based on where one is in one's life. Today, lots more thoughts on the subject, which to warn you get pretty explicit at points.

In which I finally discover a destination for horny webcam sluts. | March 30, 2007
Oh, it's a dirty one today, which I haven't done in awhile; a report on Camfrog, an online service I recently discovered and am obsessed with, which combines chat rooms with webcams for erotic effect. Before you click through, remember -- you've been warned!

Random notes. | January 8, 2007
Today, a collection of notes that have been piling up in my Moleskine, including: thoughts on owning my first-ever iPod; I'm finally republishing my entire back catalog of books; a reader wants to know what I think of Jason Fortuny, so I tell him; and could 2007 finally be the year that my projects turn a profit?

My morning with Tatum Reed. | October 20, 2006
I hung out with a porn star this morning -- Tatum Reed of Popwhore, that is, who both films adult movies and writes a confessional blog about the process. Today, my thoughts about the encounter, and how it relates to my own past. Plus: Is MC Router the nerdiest fucking nerd who ever existed?

[story] That summer I dated that couple | August 4, 2004
An online version of my 2004 story "That summer I dated that couple," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 2001-2004."

[story] An obscene poem for my new lover | August 4, 1999
An online version of my 1999 story "An obscene poem for my new lover," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1999."