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Random notes. | June 13, 2010
Today, short thoughts on a variety of subjects, including: My arts center's first literary event was a big success; I'm finally bicycling again for the first time in almost a year; why I thank God Facebook wasn't around when I was in college; how it is that Google killed the SEO industry; and why the growing American criticism about Israel is actually the best thing that could've ever happened to Judaism.

Time again for a little fortune-telling. | July 10, 2009
A reader asked me recently when I was going to do another journal entry on futurism; and that's all it took for me to sit down and write it. Today, detailed thoughts on what I think is coming in America's next "era" (25 to 75 years), "age" (marked by technological change), "period" (marked by philosophical change), and "epoch" (as in we're in the middle of the "Scientific" one right now).

I've been thinking about Jesus recently. | March 23, 2006
I've been making my way recently through my "read this stuff" box here at home, and in particular a series of lectures by Jewish intellectuals, concerning Christian-Jewish relations. It's had me thinking a lot recently about the subject of Jesus - if he was a real man, what kind of man he might've been, why the Christians and Jews had such a falling-out over him in the first place. Today, my thoughts. Plus: I think I've finally sold my mom on the idea of my arts center, thank God; and, hopefully it'll finally sink in with a bunch of new people today - that I'm holding a reader fundraiser right now. Only $195 to go!

[story] Ballad of the battles lost | August 4, 1997
An online version of my 1997 story "Ballad of the battles lost," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1997."