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Random notes. | June 13, 2010
Today, short thoughts on a variety of subjects, including: My arts center's first literary event was a big success; I'm finally bicycling again for the first time in almost a year; why I thank God Facebook wasn't around when I was in college; how it is that Google killed the SEO industry; and why the growing American criticism about Israel is actually the best thing that could've ever happened to Judaism.

That's right, I said that artistic non-profits are dying. | March 22, 2006
No, you didn't hear me wrong yesterday; I'm predicting the permanent death of almost all artistic non-profits by 20 or 30 years from now. Today, some detailed thoughts on why, and what will replace this structure in the future. Plus: I don't think that newspaper who interviewed me is going to run the article, so I might as well talk about it now; plus good news on the reader fundraiser for a new Intel Mini - $405 now raised! Only $195 to go!

And the name of my new arts center is... | February 27, 2006
Why, it's the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, in fact (or CCLaP for short), which I can now announce because the website's URL is finally secured. Today, the full explanation of where this name came from, and why it was chosen. Plus: two new 'jasonpettus' tags in the blogosphere, and two new audio comments! Too bad they both recorded them in a way so that I can't share them!; Google, won't you please build the "Google Crossword Helper?;" and a little help is needed regarding whether I'm doing something wrong with iTunes.

Regarding the "magic middle." | February 17, 2006
Dave Sifri, owner of Technorati, has coined an amazing term at his blog this week: the "magic middle," those 150,000 bloggers around the world who have between 20 and a thousand links in Technorati's database. Today, some thoughts from me on how this supports the argument I've been making for years; that any single one of you can have the audience I do, and the influence I do, without too terribly much work at all. Plus: The deathclock officially begins for the paper journalism industry; and a science-fiction scenario which could possibly lead to Baghdad eventually becoming the new world center for intellectual thought. It's not as ludicrous as it might sound at first.