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Patience, Cane Boy! | April 18, 2010
For those who don't know, I've actually been using a cane for the last nine months because of my bicycle accident last summer; today I get a bit into the frustrations that have come with this, and the Zen-like lessons I've learned. Plus: Trolls! Real Dolls! Nazis! Teabaggers! Asperger's! Or in other words, just another day on the internet.

I've got sex on the knee. Er, brain. | July 10, 2008
An offhand remark during Kevin Smith's podcast last week has had me thinking of one of my first-ever erotic experiences, back in high school during a packed car ride with my fellow marching-band geeks. Today, read all about it, and a lot more.

I've been feeling like a horny teenager recently. And that's not necessarily bad. | May 30, 2008
The longer I go in this period of enhanced solitude I find myself in these days, the more my thoughts about sexuality seem to be changing. Today, more on the subject, and how I believe this ties into just how much of an asshole I am on any given day.

Jason, meet sexual tension. Sexual tension, Jason. | December 5, 2007
A recent experience with a friend reminds me of the subject of sexual tension, and of how different a thing it is based on where one is in one's life. Today, lots more thoughts on the subject, which to warn you get pretty explicit at points.

In which I finally discover a destination for horny webcam sluts. | March 30, 2007
Oh, it's a dirty one today, which I haven't done in awhile; a report on Camfrog, an online service I recently discovered and am obsessed with, which combines chat rooms with webcams for erotic effect. Before you click through, remember -- you've been warned!

Random notes. | January 8, 2007
Today, a collection of notes that have been piling up in my Moleskine, including: thoughts on owning my first-ever iPod; I'm finally republishing my entire back catalog of books; a reader wants to know what I think of Jason Fortuny, so I tell him; and could 2007 finally be the year that my projects turn a profit?

Random notes. | November 29, 2006
Hello! Sorry I haven't updated in so long! And I don't have too much to say today, either, but at least wanted to get a couple of random notes up. Enjoy.

My morning with Tatum Reed. | October 20, 2006
I hung out with a porn star this morning -- Tatum Reed of Popwhore, that is, who both films adult movies and writes a confessional blog about the process. Today, my thoughts about the encounter, and how it relates to my own past. Plus: Is MC Router the nerdiest fucking nerd who ever existed?

Good Lord - more about Second Life! | March 15, 2006
Good Lord - my fifth day in a row of entries about the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life!" But hey, what can I say - I have yet more things to say about it! Including: an update on my reader fundraiser ($50 raised, $450 to go); more about land ownership, how to build objects, and how this all naturally affects zoning, without there having to be any laws about it; I've started talking with more Linden employees; and more on the serious, academic experiments that can be run within Second Life as well, especially by traditional academic organizations (at a steep price discount too, no less).

Field report, part 2: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 14, 2006
Today, part 2 (the final part, whew) of my field report, concerning my first weekend spent in the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," along with lots of screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. Plus: a modest proposal to my readers - you guys buy me an Intel Mini ($500), so I can KEEP playing Second Life, and I won't fundraise for the South Africa trip, but rather earn the money in-game myself. Hmm, what do you think?

A "walk" through my proposed Second Life sex club | March 14, 2006
I am writing just too entirely much these days about the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," way too much to post each day in my journal; so instead I'm posting a lot of it later, then post-dating the entries, so that they don't show up on the front page. Here: a recent chat transcript with a friend, a veteran of both sex clubs and chat cybersex, walking her through my proposed sex club via description. Posted for all you fellow SL building enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in the next level of cyberchat.

Ah, cybersex! | March 7, 2006
Last week I was jokily complaining here about how no one had yet invited me to participate in cybersex, and how comically disappointed I was by this. And what do you know? One of my readers actually offered, because of that entry! I love my readers! Today, lots and lots of thoughts about what the experience was like, what I liked and disliked about it, and what the future of cybersex and my life might be. Plus: the story of my rather debaucherous birthday, which just happened last weekend.

More regarding "the conversation." | March 3, 2006
So how interesting is this? A week after proposing a "tag" system here for getting responses to me without commenting, I've stumbled across a group of hiphop DJs in Canada doing the same exact thing! Today, more thoughts on why this might just be the future of online conversation. Plus: Does Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers deserve to have a street named after him?; and won't some sexy little stranger out there help me decide if cybersex is worth the trouble?

Random notes. | March 2, 2006
Just some random notes for today, including: Why I've been out-of-sorts for the last couple of days (hint - it has to do with a federal employee and a howling dog); my birthday is this Sunday, and I still don't have any plans; an update on my quest to build a social application at; a random thought about post-hurricane New Orleans; and dude! It's the 20th anniversary of "Blue Velvet!" DON'T FUCKING LOOK AT ME!

More about Bob Crane and co-dependent relationships. | November 18, 2005
A continuation of yesterday's entry, examining the sex life of actor Bob Crane, and what lessons about co-dependent relationships we can all learn from it.

Some thoughts about 826 Chicago; some thoughts about Bob Crane. | November 17, 2005
Today, a tackling of two very different subjects. First, some thoughts about the recent opening of 826 Chicago, a writing school started by the founder of McSweeney's, and why I'm so hesitant about volunteering there; and then, some thoughts about recently rewatching the movie "Auto Focus," and what that cautionary tale can tell us about sexual addiction and co-dependent relationships.

[story] That summer I dated that couple | August 4, 2004
An online version of my 2004 story "That summer I dated that couple," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 2001-2004."

[story] An obscene poem for my new lover | August 4, 1999
An online version of my 1999 story "An obscene poem for my new lover," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1999."

[story] me&thegirls&theporn&thedildos | August 4, 1999
An online version of my 1999 story "me&thegirls&theporn&thedildos," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1999."

[story] Maddie, the queen of internet pornography | August 4, 1999
An online version of my 1999 story "Maddie, the queen of internet pornography," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1999."

[story] None of the above (a found poem) | August 4, 1998
An online version of my 1998 story "None of the above (a found poem)," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1998."

[story] Guggenheim | August 4, 1998
An online version of my 1998 story "Guggenheim," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1998."