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I have lots of little announcements for you today. | February 20, 2006
Lots of little new announcements for everyone today, including: I've started up a new blog, specifically for getting reprinted in such mainstream publications as the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle (with a fascinating story, too, of how it all came about); I've got new Flickr photos up, including an intriguing set of satellite images; the first 'jasonpettus' tags start showing up in my RSS feed, including one from an unlikely source; and some geeky news regarding code cleanup of my main journal.

The Heterotopia Report for January 27. | January 27, 2006
Interesting things from around the internet, including: the Trib shrinks their Books section; a journalist steals from Wikipedia; the Wendy's finger-chili scandal comes to an end; Wham-O sells out; a mysterious stranger appears at Poe's grave; exercise may stave off Alzheimer's; the coolest academic perk ever; the very first el car goes on display; build a large-format camera out of a scanner; short notes; and do you want to help create a bike trail for the entire Mississippi River?

The Heterotopia Report for January 17. | January 17, 2006
Interesting things from other places on the internet, including: the latest from this week's Macworld convention; cool stuff from Boing Boing; Dave Winer has a great idea for 'reading lists;' announcing the Beat Generation Museum; the "International Baccalaureate" style of education gets hot; Google releases a mobile compressor; WAPReview gets snarky about IM; and the Donner Party might not have been cannibals after all.

The Heterotopia Report for January 10th. | January 10, 2006
Interesting things found elsewhere on the internet, including: Why it is that 27 percent of Yahoo users are now using RSS feeds, although only 4 percent of them realize it; how to create your own Dashboard widget; advice from a self-employed programmer; the sudden hotness of the old cartography industry; how blogging can help marketing; top 10 failed tech trends of 2005; a milestone in the world of open access; a report from; mobile Flash Player?; Michael Crichton gets ripped off; JT Leroy is a fake!; and Kodak changes their logo, way too late.

The Heterotopia Report for December 20th. | December 20, 2005
A semi-regular feature at this site, simply pointing people to other interesting things found elsewhere on the internet.