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The thirteenth overhaul of my website design is finally finished! | March 10, 2016
DevBootcamp finally pays off -- the thirteenth major overhaul of my website's design scheme is finally complete, now for the first time with fancy JavaScript animations and other details I learned while training to be a software developer. Click through for all the details!

Two entries in two weeks? That's redonkulous! | April 4, 2010
I'm keeping my promise -- after a hiatus of almost nine months, I've unbelievably gotten two entries up here in two weeks, a rate I hope to maintain throughout the year. Today I talk about what I can say here that I can't at Facebook, and the news that this journal's eleven-year archives are finally now completely moved over from Geocities.

Celebrating nine years of horseshit. | December 28, 2006
Wow, this week is the ninth anniversary of my website. Who would've thought such horseshit would stick around for so long? Today, some thoughts on it all, and a Christmas letter of sorts for those who are only sporadic readers.

Hey ho, it's version 12! | October 9, 2006
Well, it's finally here -- version 12 of this website's design scheme, more sophisticated than the last version and long overdue. Today, a little story about what went into it, what finally got me off my ass to finish it, and what else I'm doing with my time these days.

And here's what else is going on with me. | September 1, 2006
Hey, sorry this took so long! Today, a continuation of my last entry, explaining all the things I'll be trying to get accomplished this fall and winter.

Okay, so the real reason I'm scaling back this journal. | April 24, 2006
Okay, so my readers (brilliant as always) have been guessing more and more at why I so suddenly decided to scale back this journal; I did indeed have an "incident" in real-life Chicago recently concerning a reader, that left me rather shaken and spooked. Today, the details, and some thoughts on how this is going to affect both my current and future online life. Plus: Finally, the details of my arts center's upcoming wiki, "The CCLaP Guide to Being a Self-Sustaining Artist."

I'm thinking of scaling back this journal. | April 10, 2006
Okay, so because of a growing amount of responsibilites in other areas of my life, I'm indeed thinking about cutting back on the amount of entries written here. Today, the entire story of why. Plus: lots of new details considering "Archimedes," the alternative-reality-game "hyperfiction" project I'm creating this summer. Warning: much nerdiness ahead!

[randommedia] Why not send me an audio comment? | February 23, 2006
An episode of my podcast [randommedia], five-minute random reports from events in my life. Here: me complaining about how I set up this ability for people to leave audio comments, yet no one actually doing so yet. Plus, a few suggestions on what you could comment about, in case you're stumped yourself.

The Jason Pettus Widget | February 23, 2006
A desktop widget for Mac OSX "Dashboard," delivering feeds from five of the places on the web where I currently create new content. Please let me know if you have any problems with it!

I have lots of little announcements for you today. | February 20, 2006
Lots of little new announcements for everyone today, including: I've started up a new blog, specifically for getting reprinted in such mainstream publications as the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle (with a fascinating story, too, of how it all came about); I've got new Flickr photos up, including an intriguing set of satellite images; the first 'jasonpettus' tags start showing up in my RSS feed, including one from an unlikely source; and some geeky news regarding code cleanup of my main journal.

Das Audio ist hier! Das Audio ist hier! | January 9, 2006
Good news - all 24 episodes from last year's podcast of mine, [randommedia], are now imported into this Movable Type database. Today: how it was done, how easy it was, and what this all means for you as a visitor. Plus: a preview of my upcoming book of old black-and-white college photos.

Regarding the tribulations of getting pitched. | July 28, 2005
A funny thing has started happening since starting my business blog seven months ago; namely, a growing amount of companies are directly pitching me about plugging their product. Today, some thoughts on what the process is like, and why I'm a PR exec's worst nightmare when it comes to this subject.

This site: CSS spec downloads | July 20, 2005
A collection of downloads to the four CSS templates I have created for this site: desktop, mobile, print and AvantGo. Download ahoy!

Welcome to version 11.0. | July 11, 2005
It's here! It's here! Finally, the official release of version 11.0 of my website, and the official shutdown of my Geocities site; read all about it today.

Greetings from the Grand Switchover. | July 9, 2005
Hey, it's a special weekend entry! Today, a live report from the middle of the Grand Switchover of 2005, where I am finally switching the URL and software for my blog; includes a recap for new readers, and lots of details about how the process is going.

Random notes for July 6. | July 6, 2005
Random notes for today, including: A date's finally been picked for the Grand Switchover of 2005; and some goofy lyrics I wrote for the new sex-and-gorefest ABC miniseries "Empire."

Site development notes for June 28. | June 28, 2005
Today, the latest development notes concerning this new website design scheme of mine. Only one more week until the new design becomes official!

Site development updates for June 17. | June 17, 2005
The latest updates to report for the development of this new website.

SimpleText is my new best friend. | October 22, 1999
Today, my very first journal entry; an ode to the bares-bones text editor SimpleText, which was of great use when updating my site to version 3.1.