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Field report, part 2: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 14, 2006
Today, part 2 (the final part, whew) of my field report, concerning my first weekend spent in the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," along with lots of screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. Plus: a modest proposal to my readers - you guys buy me an Intel Mini ($500), so I can KEEP playing Second Life, and I won't fundraise for the South Africa trip, but rather earn the money in-game myself. Hmm, what do you think?

And the name of my new arts center is... | February 27, 2006
Why, it's the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, in fact (or CCLaP for short), which I can now announce because the website's URL is finally secured. Today, the full explanation of where this name came from, and why it was chosen. Plus: two new 'jasonpettus' tags in the blogosphere, and two new audio comments! Too bad they both recorded them in a way so that I can't share them!; Google, won't you please build the "Google Crossword Helper?;" and a little help is needed regarding whether I'm doing something wrong with iTunes.

So much work. So little news. | February 3, 2006
The worst thing about long-term plans? Yeah, you never have anything fun to announce in the short term. Today, some thoughts on some of these projects I'm in the middle of, including: I'm finally getting a broadband internet connection at home; and I'm getting my newest travel book rapidly finished.

[story] Albuquerque | August 4, 1998
An online version of my 1998 story "Albuquerque," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1998."