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And the name of my new arts center is... | February 27, 2006
Why, it's the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, in fact (or CCLaP for short), which I can now announce because the website's URL is finally secured. Today, the full explanation of where this name came from, and why it was chosen. Plus: two new 'jasonpettus' tags in the blogosphere, and two new audio comments! Too bad they both recorded them in a way so that I can't share them!; Google, won't you please build the "Google Crossword Helper?;" and a little help is needed regarding whether I'm doing something wrong with iTunes.

More regarding Germany and nationalism. | January 25, 2006
Yesterday's news about the new "Du Bist Deutschland" public-relations campaign prompted a thought from me - "Should we really be encouraging Germans to be proud of their country again in the first place?" Today, why I don't mean this as an insult, but rather as a compliment!

Those angst-filled Germans are at it again. | January 23, 2006
Oh, those angst-filled Germans are up in arms again; they're arguing over who exactly has the right to call themselves a writer in public, and to have an audience. Today, one American's outsider thoughts on the subject, based on two tours now over there myself, hanging out both those times mostly with writers and other intellectuals. Plus: thoughts on the recent "Bleak House" series on PBS' "Masterpiece Theatre."