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What is so far officially my favorite embarrassing old college photo yet posted by an ancient friend rediscovered at Facebook. | January 31, 2009
All right, motherfuckers; I JOINED FACEBOOK. Happy? Here, some thoughts on how strange it's been to get reacquainted with a whole series of old college friends there, in some cases for the first time in decades.

I created a new phrase: "Global Singular Disorder." | August 25, 2007
For those who don't know, my new role this summer as the owner of an arts center has had me ingesting massive amounts of user-created content around the world; and doing such a thing, I'm convinced, has started profoundly affecting the way I perceive the world itself, as well as my role within it. Today, lots more details on this enigmatic statement.

Dreaming of a green St. Louis. | May 19, 2007
For those who don't know, I've been doing a lot of bicycling lately, around to some of Chicago's historic parks; it's had me thinking a lot about the subject of urban renewal, the future of cities, and especially former Industrial-Age giants like St. Louis where I grew up, which are rapidly turning into ghost towns in this Information Age in which we now live. Today, some thoughts about what can possibly be done.

Random notes. | January 8, 2007
Today, a collection of notes that have been piling up in my Moleskine, including: thoughts on owning my first-ever iPod; I'm finally republishing my entire back catalog of books; a reader wants to know what I think of Jason Fortuny, so I tell him; and could 2007 finally be the year that my projects turn a profit?

My morning with Tatum Reed. | October 20, 2006
I hung out with a porn star this morning -- Tatum Reed of Popwhore, that is, who both films adult movies and writes a confessional blog about the process. Today, my thoughts about the encounter, and how it relates to my own past. Plus: Is MC Router the nerdiest fucking nerd who ever existed?

Do satirical geniuses necessarily have to be dicks? | March 28, 2006
I've been watching a lot of "South Park" for the first time recently, as regular readers know, and have discovered something remarkable - that on top of all the poop jokes, it also might be the smartest, angriest satire this side of Swift himself. But then Poppy Z. Brite reminded me of another thing, too - that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the show's creators, are real dicks. Does one necessarily have to come with the other? Today, my thoughts. Plus: A new artist in France I recently stumbled across, because of, that you should check out too.

Good Lord - more about Second Life! | March 15, 2006
Good Lord - my fifth day in a row of entries about the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life!" But hey, what can I say - I have yet more things to say about it! Including: an update on my reader fundraiser ($50 raised, $450 to go); more about land ownership, how to build objects, and how this all naturally affects zoning, without there having to be any laws about it; I've started talking with more Linden employees; and more on the serious, academic experiments that can be run within Second Life as well, especially by traditional academic organizations (at a steep price discount too, no less).

Field report, part 2: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 14, 2006
Today, part 2 (the final part, whew) of my field report, concerning my first weekend spent in the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," along with lots of screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. Plus: a modest proposal to my readers - you guys buy me an Intel Mini ($500), so I can KEEP playing Second Life, and I won't fundraise for the South Africa trip, but rather earn the money in-game myself. Hmm, what do you think?

A "walk" through my proposed Second Life sex club | March 14, 2006
I am writing just too entirely much these days about the alternative-reality videogame "Second Life," way too much to post each day in my journal; so instead I'm posting a lot of it later, then post-dating the entries, so that they don't show up on the front page. Here: a recent chat transcript with a friend, a veteran of both sex clubs and chat cybersex, walking her through my proposed sex club via description. Posted for all you fellow SL building enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in the next level of cyberchat.

Field report: My first weekend in Second Life. | March 13, 2006
Well, it's official; I finally was able to log into the alternative-reality game "Second Life" for the first time on Friday, and ended up spending the whole damn weekend playing (and taking screenshots). Today, part 1 of my ridiculously long report, explaining everything I saw.

The Jason Pettus Widget | February 23, 2006
A desktop widget for Mac OSX "Dashboard," delivering feeds from five of the places on the web where I currently create new content. Please let me know if you have any problems with it!

Look at all the crap I got accomplished this weekend! | February 13, 2006
Wow, look at what an efficient motherfucker this new home broadband connection has turned me into! Today, lots of details of all the new things this home desktop connection has so far brought to my life, including: a recap of my account, detailed last Friday; how to now send an audio comment to me, straight from your computer's browser; new ways I'm interacting with Flickr now; a new service that tracks your comments around the blogosphere; I finally have an OPML feed (maybe); and of course lots of tweaks to the site itself, for geeky designers who care.

Guess who finally has a home internet connection? | February 10, 2006
That's right, it's me! I could tell you what new things this is going to mean both for my life and your reading habits, but I'd just go on and on for days on end and never actually get anything done. So instead, today just an examination of the very first new online thing I've taken on - becoming a member of

So much work. So little news. | February 3, 2006
The worst thing about long-term plans? Yeah, you never have anything fun to announce in the short term. Today, some thoughts on some of these projects I'm in the middle of, including: I'm finally getting a broadband internet connection at home; and I'm getting my newest travel book rapidly finished.

Random notes - the 'sick as a dog' edition. | February 1, 2006
Random notes I've recently collected up on my Treo, this time posted while incredibly sick, including: a big correction about the "Kama Sutra: The Musical" news from yesterday; a correction about how GPS works; how much I love the new "Lost" podcast; a reader is thinking about filming one of my books; and a question - how do I put an automatic mobile detector in place here at the site?

Field report: Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge, Chicago. | January 6, 2006
Today, my field report (in text and photos) of the new Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge in Chicago's Wicker Park, a new experiential marketing project by the RJ Reynolds corporation. It's a pretty cool place!

[story] What really happened between the end of The Empire Strikes Back and the beginning of Return of the Jedi | August 4, 1997
An online version of my 1997 story "What really happened between the end of The Empire Strikes Back and the beginning of Return of the Jedi," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1997."

[story] Typing on keyboards in bars | August 4, 1997
An online version of my 1997 story "Typing on keyboards in bars," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1997."

[story] They can have my Macintosh when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers | August 4, 1997
An online version of my 1997 story "They can have my Macintosh when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers," also found in the book "Chicago Stories 1997."