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I'm watching the Olympics via streaming for the very first time this year. | August 16, 2016
2016 is the very first year I've had an opportunity to watch the Olympics via streaming coverage online. Today, some thoughts on what the experience has been like, why the BBC is the greatest place to watch sports, and what a bunch of soulless monsters NBC executives are.

My love/hate relationship with JJ Abrams; and six disturbing realizations from my recent binge-watching of "Frasier." | February 7, 2016
Today, two pop-culture mini-essays: One concerning my love/hate relationship with frustrating genre director JJ Abrams; and the other, disturbing realizations about the show "Frasier" after recently rewatching the entire eleven-year run in a binge at Netflix.

Is "Lost" the "Ulysses" of television? | April 5, 2009
I'm trying to get more work these days as a futurist; and that means among other things trying to come up with my own quirky theory about the arts, that I too can write a cultishly popular book about and get invited to South by Freaking Southwest too. Today, first thoughts about that theory, and how it applies to the remarkable developments within the television industry in the last decade.

Regarding the demise of television and my new "Grand Unified Theory of the Arts." | January 22, 2009
I haven't really talked about this online yet, but in recent years (since opening my arts center) I've been slowly coming up with a new "Grand Unified Theory" about the arts, that every medium in history has actually gone through a remarkably similar series of steps in terms of how it's perceived and used by the general public. Today, my first detailed thoughts on the matter, as it pertains to the history of the television industry.

Lynch Triumphant: Or, an Apologia for Surrealism, inspired by a recent viewing of "Inland Empire." | March 23, 2007
Today, some thoughts concerning the artistic genre known as Surrealism, and how David Lynch's newest film "Inland Empire" fits into the genre's history. Warning: film-snob dorkiness ahead!

I'm in Rogers Park again. | March 30, 2006
Yep, my friend Jude is out of town again, which means that I'm up in Rogers Park this week, dogsitting for her. Today, some random thoughts while in the neighborhood, especially on how much it reminds of the city where I went to college. Plus: a special download for obsessive fans of "Lost," and information on a game coming this summer that might make them very excited.

Do satirical geniuses necessarily have to be dicks? | March 28, 2006
I've been watching a lot of "South Park" for the first time recently, as regular readers know, and have discovered something remarkable - that on top of all the poop jokes, it also might be the smartest, angriest satire this side of Swift himself. But then Poppy Z. Brite reminded me of another thing, too - that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the show's creators, are real dicks. Does one necessarily have to come with the other? Today, my thoughts. Plus: A new artist in France I recently stumbled across, because of, that you should check out too.

The Mighty O strikes again. | January 30, 2006
Wow, how about that Oprah? Ripping both James Frey and his publisher on live television like that, huh? Today, a formal Apologia (that is, a written justification) for Oprah's recent behavior, and why we should all celebrate that she's out there and kicking ass. Plus: an interesting new viral-marketing idea in the arts I stumbled across in my neighborhood last night.

Those angst-filled Germans are at it again. | January 23, 2006
Oh, those angst-filled Germans are up in arms again; they're arguing over who exactly has the right to call themselves a writer in public, and to have an audience. Today, one American's outsider thoughts on the subject, based on two tours now over there myself, hanging out both those times mostly with writers and other intellectuals. Plus: thoughts on the recent "Bleak House" series on PBS' "Masterpiece Theatre."

Random notes. | December 21, 2005
Some short notes about random topics today, including: Dude, the Christian Underground is so hardcore!; a possible new way of thinking about coffeehouses; some thoughts on the recent woes Six Apart has been going through; a call for John McCain to run for President again; I've been getting into Robert Scoble recently; and a few thoughts about changing careers in your thirties.

Odds and ends. | August 1, 2005
Lots of random notes for today, including: "Desperate Housewives" is a much more entertaining show than what I was expecting; some more thoughts about the Marshall Plan; some more thoughts about; more on Brandy Agerbeck; reader thoughts on bicycling, the Bush Cabal and; and The Greatest Fan Letter I Have Ever Received, reprinted.

Random notes for July 11. | July 11, 2005
Random notes for July 11, including: An old joke reprinted, courtesy my old college buddy Kurt Kaiser; no, seriously, my newest travel book is almost finished (and I need your help promoting it); I found out why my recent entry about biking garnered such attention; and damnit, yes, I'm watching "Desperate Housewives" this summer! Are you fucking happy, people?

Random notes for July 6. | July 6, 2005
Random notes for today, including: A date's finally been picked for the Grand Switchover of 2005; and some goofy lyrics I wrote for the new sex-and-gorefest ABC miniseries "Empire."