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Notes from a homemade meditation retreat. | September 30, 2016
Today, an extra-long and image-heavy look at my very first self-scheduled, home-based weekend meditation retreat, plus lots more details on what meditation is and why everyone should be practicing it.

Regarding "Walden," Lincoln Park, and middle-aged hippie pussies. | November 21, 2010
As part of an essay project at my arts center, I recently read Thoreau's "Walden" for the first time since high school, which got me to thinking of Chicago's Lincoln Park and why I seem to enjoy rural surroundings so much more now at middle-age than in my youth. Today, those thoughts, plus plenty of photos of the park itself.

And now the story can finally be told. | October 10, 2010
The settlement check has officially cleared, which means I can finally start talking in public about my bad bicycle accident last year; today, some thoughts on why I still generally won't be doing so anyway, and an embarrassing hospital anecdote to mollify those disappointed by the news. Plus, a few reminiscences about GALLERIA, the student art gallery my friends and I started in college, celebrating its 20th anniversary this autumn.

My Summer of Museums. | July 18, 2010
My summer project this year is to revisit Chicago's twelve largest museums; as of this weekend I've now visited four of them, including the "Big Three" at Museum Campus (the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, and the Field Museum of Natural History). Today, a photo-heavy look at my trips, and the subjects they've had me thinking about this summer.

Random notes. | June 13, 2010
Today, short thoughts on a variety of subjects, including: My arts center's first literary event was a big success; I'm finally bicycling again for the first time in almost a year; why I thank God Facebook wasn't around when I was in college; how it is that Google killed the SEO industry; and why the growing American criticism about Israel is actually the best thing that could've ever happened to Judaism.

The month of returns. | May 16, 2010
This month sees the return of two activities that used to be fun regular parts of my life -- not just bicycling for the first time since my accident last summer, but my very first live literary event in almost a decade. Today, some more thoughts regarding both.

Patience, Cane Boy! | April 18, 2010
For those who don't know, I've actually been using a cane for the last nine months because of my bicycle accident last summer; today I get a bit into the frustrations that have come with this, and the Zen-like lessons I've learned. Plus: Trolls! Real Dolls! Nazis! Teabaggers! Asperger's! Or in other words, just another day on the internet.

He's alive! Barely. | March 28, 2010
My first update in nine months! Today, details on why that is, mostly because of a bad bicycle accident I was in last summer; and also some updates on what's been going on with me the last nine months, including my recent decision to try my hand for the first time at children's literature.

It's true -- Chicago 2007 is a Victorian science-fiction dream. | August 18, 2007
Yeah, I know I've been talking about this a lot this summer, but a recent bike ride got me thinking yet again about Chicago 150 years ago versus Chicago now, and how it was the persistent vision of many Victorian-Age citizens that created what we have here now. Today, yet MORE on the subject, and why I still believe in the power of these things to transform.

In which the westside parks bring up the age-old question: Are idiots born or made? | June 14, 2007
As regular readers know, earlier this week I went on a bicycle tour of the old West Side Park system here in Chicago, in preparation for a customized bike map I'm making on the subject. And man, was that an awful experience. Today, I explain why.

Here we go. Again. | May 31, 2007
Well, it's official, almost: Sometime in the next couple of days I will finally be re-activating my arts organization, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, now located at the new URL Read all about it today. Plus: Bad news about my Second Life blog; why must Americans turn everything into a joyless exercise in consumerism?; and no, you're not imagining things, I really have been more of an asshole this spring than usual.

Dreaming of a green St. Louis. | May 19, 2007
For those who don't know, I've been doing a lot of bicycling lately, around to some of Chicago's historic parks; it's had me thinking a lot about the subject of urban renewal, the future of cities, and especially former Industrial-Age giants like St. Louis where I grew up, which are rapidly turning into ghost towns in this Information Age in which we now live. Today, some thoughts about what can possibly be done.

On being one of those annoying "your body is a temple" fucks. | May 4, 2007
I got a letter the other day from a reader, politely asking that I not turn into one of those smug "your body is a temple" assholes, now that I'm making all these changes to my lifestyle. Oh, don't worry, there's not much chance of that happening! Today, I explain why, and why I'm so fascinated by the human body these days anyway. Plus random notes!

Greetings from beyond the Aether. | March 15, 2007
Well, hi ho there, ladies and germs, and as always I apologize for going so long without updating this journal. (For those who don't know, by the way, I continue to update lots of other online stuff regularly, even though...

The Heterotopia Report for January 27. | January 27, 2006
Interesting things from around the internet, including: the Trib shrinks their Books section; a journalist steals from Wikipedia; the Wendy's finger-chili scandal comes to an end; Wham-O sells out; a mysterious stranger appears at Poe's grave; exercise may stave off Alzheimer's; the coolest academic perk ever; the very first el car goes on display; build a large-format camera out of a scanner; short notes; and do you want to help create a bike trail for the entire Mississippi River?

Regarding novels, memoirs, and "The Truth." | January 12, 2006
Well, the recent James Frey disaster seems to at least proven one thing: that the general population really is into memoirs that much, and into novels that little, that some writers will outrageously lie just to try to tap into this audience. Today, my thoughts on why this is such a fucking shame. Plus: Winter bicycling in Chicago; using filters in Gmail; and seeing "Napolean Dynamite" for the first time.

Random notes for August 8th. | August 8, 2005
Lots of random notes today, including: Yes, please invite me to local events if you want, in return for reviews; I can finally listen to podcasts now, and why this is underwhelming information; and jeez, man, am I ever sore these days.

Bicycling in Chicago - a progress report. | July 25, 2005
Well, it's been about a month now since I became Chicago's newest daily bicyclist. Today, some thoughts on what I've learned, and why I love being a Chicago citizen so damn much.

Random notes for July 11. | July 11, 2005
Random notes for July 11, including: An old joke reprinted, courtesy my old college buddy Kurt Kaiser; no, seriously, my newest travel book is almost finished (and I need your help promoting it); I found out why my recent entry about biking garnered such attention; and damnit, yes, I'm watching "Desperate Housewives" this summer! Are you fucking happy, people?

Bike adventure: Uptown to the Loop. | July 1, 2005
Today, a text-and-photo report of my very first Chicago bicycling adventure - attempting to ride from my apartment in Uptown to the downtown business district (the "Loop") during rush hour, just to see how easy or difficult it is to do.

Only one day until my first Chicago bike adventure! | June 30, 2005
Only one day until my first big Chicago bike adventure! Today, more on the online resources available for Chicago bicyclers, and details of the admittedly radical plan the Chicago city government has concerning bikes.

Bicycling in Chicago: A few beginning resources. | June 29, 2005
Today, an announcement of what my first Chicago bike adventure is going to be, as well as lots of links to online resources for fellow beginning cyclists in Chicago.