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PixPulse: Portrait of a company that gets it. | February 23, 2006
I've had this remarkable experience recently with a small start-up company; they've actually been listening to my complaints, and changing the things I've been asking them to change. Today, some thoughts on how amazing this is, why the world is moving in this direction in general, and what other businesses can do about it, before being left behind in the dust themselves. Plus: Behold, the Jason Pettus Widget!

The Jason Pettus Widget | February 23, 2006
A desktop widget for Mac OSX "Dashboard," delivering feeds from five of the places on the web where I currently create new content. Please let me know if you have any problems with it!

The Heterotopia Report for January 10th. | January 10, 2006
Interesting things found elsewhere on the internet, including: Why it is that 27 percent of Yahoo users are now using RSS feeds, although only 4 percent of them realize it; how to create your own Dashboard widget; advice from a self-employed programmer; the sudden hotness of the old cartography industry; how blogging can help marketing; top 10 failed tech trends of 2005; a milestone in the world of open access; a report from; mobile Flash Player?; Michael Crichton gets ripped off; JT Leroy is a fake!; and Kodak changes their logo, way too late.