Now We Are Six
Although I'm better known now as a writer, photography was what I actually majored in during college, and was my major creative outlet for many years. In 2009, then, I not only received my first-ever high-quality digital camera, but also started spending time on a regular basis with an old friend of mine and her twin sons, who happened to turn six that year. As a result, I ended up snapping hundreds of photos of the boys over the course of those twelve months; this book collects up around 75 of the best images, as well as the captions that originally ran with them at Flickr when I first shared them online. This is actually my first new book of photographs since 1994, so I hope you enjoy it.

See these images online: Simply visit my Flickr account to see full-sized versions of all photos found in this book, as well as a whole lot more, still being updated on a weekly basis.
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(Since this book mainly consists of photographs, no EPUB version is available; and instead of being designed for a certain type of paper size, the PDF has been laid out in a 16 x 9 grid, specifically for viewing on HDTVs and iPhone/iPad screens.)

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